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"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

-John F. Kennedy

late entry contributor(s) : John Kennedy Jr. (rip bestie)

In Cordial acknowledgement of continuing to carry forward for the Country, US Senator and former US Presidential candidate John McCain, 'recovering from such experiences across many trails in the SouthEast Asia conflicts to decisions to stand forward in Statesman conducts, a cordial extension of a 'reassuring' stance for actions and placements in efforts to further assist and defend the USofA, amongst many names within an era of Notable US Statesmen, from US President and former California Governor Ronald Reagan, Boehner, Buchannan, Thompson and Gingrich, understanding that perhaps by chance these sentiments may be extended towards before any decisions from a Higher Authority, simply an extension of 'Thanks' in termed gratitude from a fellow Republican and US Citizen perchance such a decision travails shortly and thusof sought to an expression thereof extended. Thank-you ! (May 11th 2018)

{footnote: Understandably that other reported comments have may be likened to a scenario where someone may have stuck their foot in their mouth, the current interests in the referenced trial/hearings for the current Missouri Governor having a different comparative and yet not an analysis as other elements seem to offset statements by other candidate(s) for US Senate Missouri}

While understanding the format of the endorsement understood, I still hope that conditions allow for other types of campaigning even though with the statistics applicable, understandably if / where permissible. I have attempted to format as much with different words, some references may be slightly small or short, some even shortened. I have been told I often use (utilize) big words that some may not understand, yet I tried to 'pull back from such where I could'. I hope the shortened versions are acceptable, I understand some people won't want to like read 5500 - 12000 words like some essay format, although some items mentioned may have certain restrictions/entitlement restrictions already placed upon in other format/terms in settlements-decisions-discussions. Hopefully everyone enjoys the attempts at listings within for the CAMPAIGN ELECTION 2018 REPUBLICAN PRIMARY AUGUST


(you may see in listings or possibly hearing, some 'folks' do have 'confidence

in my capabilities' for the office among other possible comments)


Photo was from a separate event, it was late winter, hope to have additional photo(s) of Our Candidate Bradley Krembs Republican Candidate for US Senate MISSOURI 2018

photo was taken when prayers were offered at the shrine site where the HOLY Virgin MOTHER MARY re-appeared 3 times since the 1980 appearances at one of the community Shrines dedicated to HER (SHE appeared several times at various Shrines in 1980, and since 2012-2016, like promised). The site is also the place where the termed 'ceremonial pilgrimage in petition offerings' were slated until the miniature Statue was stolen in 1980, and She (the statuette) show how returned in like 2008 after the reported journey down the Mississippi River to Mexico and now back.

I hope to have a different photo available soon, the only current ones are sortof 'unflattering' with various Mid-American/traditional Midwestern facial reconstruction applied techniques completing their 'functions' from some shrapnel residual and fragments. 


So far this Primary is showing how many different people in  the State of  M I S S O U R I  are concerned with the direction Our Beautiful State is heading into the

next election.  Please be sure to VOTE

on August 7th 2018.  


May 9th 2018: Congratulations to Primary Winners : (West Virginia) AG Patrick Morrisey, Mike Braun (Indiana), and US Rep. Jim Renacci.

update: April 6th 2018, (YEAH got one?!!) tentative endorsement for US Senate Candidate Bradley Krembs, Jesuit Brethren Western Mo-Mississippi Delta and its priest (Pontiff Francis I, rosarial decade (Vatican) to of vote for of, March 30th 2018)  The Jesuit Brethren Western Mo-Mississippi Delta may of having referenced endorsement classifications in 9 other State categories, three referenced 'toss-ups' , Central Mo-Valleys Luibri Fellowships still in consternations of endorsement categories, though favored (**-***). Our Committee will review and regard the stipulations in findings thus far.

I hope, as stated elsewhere, as a Candidate that my concerns regarding the 'pre-emptiveness' in public conviction of our elected Governor on the aspects of the terms reported established in the first indictment are further regarded. While understanding that the Judicial processes have not been 'fully' conscribed, the stance many have taken towards 'convicting' our Governor seems parallel to such concerns in an almost similar case decades ago. In our society we hold the 'truths' innocent until proven guilty, an individual's opinion that such 'guilt' exists, and from the stance of an authority figure this should be the case does not follow the processes. If such is further revealed as the case, and with the several occasions whereby from such a 'stance' of authority, notwithstanding an ACTUAL Court ruling, only seems to be a disruptive path forward. If in actual physical steps towards such, and if such was 'profoundly' meant simply to influence the election year processes, this individual should further refrain, as stipulated in Court orders (sequestered or and 'gag' order), be considered in 'himself' of violations of such structured format and impeached, or understanding the scope of 'conflicts' thusof established 'resign' from that authority position in order to allow the 'actual' processes in Judicial rulings to further remedy the account. I found it VERY distressing, that in initial reports that the 'victim' claimed to be under an 'emotional' stance, went to the governor candidates' residence in an effort and influence of such 'emotional' distress to commit the act of adultery, as well as having 'implements' for simply a termed 'haircut', if the given hour further demonstrated such 'odd' and under an emotional 'distress' mentality, among various other elements in complaints established. We all understand the intense impact, such actions otherwise entail and how distressing such are in various classed 'assaults', and yet, if the primary intentions are established, the current courses established seem 'very precarious' and woeful upon the citizens of Missouri to have to endure the latter results and not the onset in 'intentions'. The stance the authority figure, the Attorney General, has undertaken in comments and ascertainments of 'judgement' may be construed or held as being 'destructive' to the legislative processes in other actions by being 'upstaged' in a possible 'grandstand' attempt to demonstrate to Missouri voters his values and principles without having the 'actual' ruling(s) demonstrated or as held in truths. I hope the various Republican influences in Our Missouri Assembly understand that 'conviction without conviction' is a true violation of Our values and traditions afforded the accused. In the aforesaid mentioned actions, whereby a similar case was brought to the Legislature's attentions, if understood and held in recollections, the Missouri State Court of Appeals and Missouri State Supreme Court ruled, 'innocent' until proven guilty, and not held that 'guilty in public opinion' would warrant any 'actual' process thereby reseating the then accused, whom perhaps was impeached in the 'delentrious' after effect in striving to 'maintain' innocence and perform where 'public opinion' had found him guilty, and confused perjured himself and thusof another miscarriage in justice ensued with impeachment. I Find it VERY hard to believe, such as the office of the Attorney General would not have known such ruling(s) and adhered to such precedents as a 'guide' before any comment or actions taken. As such, I hope that upon other review, the actions held and taken thusfar, that clearly sought to disrupt any other 'legislation' and perhaps regard the specifics of 'what' legislation perhaps was set forward in considerations that perhaps the Attorney General may have sought to 'postpone' with such comments in ascertainments that 'guilt' was evidenced and no ruling on any "FORM' of other crimes were the precursor in actions. Clearly, the Attorney General office/officials FAILED to stand for innocence and sought to further confound MISSOURI in actions with how and whats remain for decisions with regard to the indictment(s) levied towards our elected Governor. Such a miscarriage of Justice, where no renderings of any tangible status otherwise held as 'ruled' or rulings.   Understandingly, while this may be regarded by many as 'offensive' or supporting such 'conducts', PLEASE visit AFTER the Judges' / Courts' rulings and we will sortof attempt to tear this event apart into various sections and opinion comments for such a stand forward of hopes JUSTICE prevails and Innocent until Proven Guilty further demonstrates our Society requirements. PLEASE SEE COMMENTS< Candidate, Bradley Krembs US Senate.

Sincerest of thoughts and Prayers (if applicable) for 05-18-2018 tentative termed passings of two Missouri Legislators, thoughts and prayers towards the families of possibly 5 other Missouri Legislators whom also showed signs of soon passings. I have further hopes that such be naught of the case as regards the page referenced Attack 2018 applied to this sentiment. Understanding the long time 'disdain' expressed by themselves for myself nonetheless, and hope that whereof such being 'found' (hopefully not like the one named PenderNash, whom liked ME ALOT, and his family sincerest thoughts and prayers). The onslaught of these formatted events, suchofas being referenced also regarding the 2018 attack referenced by the Candidate on Missouri's Congress, will be held also in my campaign understandings. I hope (if applicable) to their Missouri constituents my expression of thoughts and prayers as these events further unfold.  

Bradley has lived in MISSOURI for over fifty years, he studied Administration of Justice & Psychology at the University of MISSOURI-Saint Louis [Bachelor of Arts & Sciences program]. Family emergencies sprouted up as he approached his undergraduate-graduate level, including news of two brothers overseas serving the USofA in the military [ARMY] near the various bombings engulfing the region of Germany. 

copyrighted materials, contents copyrighted,

all rights reserved. No reproduction, duplication or similar permitted.

Sincerest regards to the various County Meet & greets, as preparations into the Sikeston Tri-Counties event unfolded and as well as weather conditions held questionable before intentions, I responded to of hopes to attend, then shortly afterwards my Father, recovering with the sudden loss of my eldest Sister before last Christmas, then again with my older Brother (Gulf War Veteran) this past February sent him again into the ER, it wasn't until Sunday that news that he having still held on and termed 'grave' news of thenof results in medical findings. Here still concerned in of knowing perhaps soon, as perhaps many Missourians encountered with similar 'classed paradox ailments of the time' over the past decades, I had hoped to attend this evenings' debate in Hillsville, as it approached, realizing certain items may 'infringe' on classed rights to Missouri with proprietorship rights regard with the various Facebook debates and judgements. Foregoing the possible added expenses in tax requirements as well as various aspects of the lengths in the historical classifications associated with the termed Political campaign, as referenced on other webpages to of the mid 1980's, I decided to remain concentrated on the formula format demonstrated by concerns of various Missouri Legislators and General Assemblies so far.  Of the (like) multitudes of Country Music fans and Artists whom perhaps still with us of knownst, with termed current information, those 'record' holders may find (if not already) a safer place or placement for such records. Other reference listed elsewhere.  

Find out more about our organization and Candidate

From the very early days, as growing up in Missouri echoes across many minds and memories. From toddling about on his great-grandmothers' farm in mid-Missouri to stays with his cousin in law and family (Harry S Truman, our beloved former US Vice President and US President), to adjustments from events at that time and beyond.

Being requested to a series of aptitude tests at ROME, (ITALY) he progressed through to a standard certificate status on Astro-Physics and Planetary Sciences (PHD) as well as certificate status for Preventative Medicine Sciences (MD). While the US requirements are further expansive, in the late 1970's, the HOLY SEE sought clarity on various scholastic programs. While the standings, globally, from the ROME Academy of Sciences (until its' closure about the same time) were held for almost a thousand years, the current format in global scholastics had changed, though termed towards the worse. In addition, as discovery of the 2017 Total Transition Solar Eclipse (1979), Brad became instrumental in the scope of expectations that such a Historic event entailed, most notably, the DANGERS.  (of best knowledge) In 2017, as events unfolded accordingly, the expanse of accreditations expanded to various termed fellowships/certifications (some due to prior academic studies in Art, as pre-requisite format, internationally).  

In various aspects, he advised the various US Presidents (to the FORD-CARTER executive panel) and was briefly consulted by US President Ronald Reagan (whom he had met again earlier, just after the Republican Convention termed certifying his Nomination entry status), though the 'advice' the brief consultation entailed wasn't followed, months after the event, (best knowledge) former US President Reagan (although then US President) briefly remarked, 'I should have followed that consultation'.

*** ALSO, most IMPORTANTLY, my fellow MISSOURIANS, THANK-YOU !!!  for all the assistances and acceptances as the 2017 Total Transition Solar Eclipse unfolded, THANK - YOU ! ***


In the mid-early late 1980's under a request (3 in all, then the fourth) from the HOLY SEE John Paul the Second (beloved Pontiff and Saint), in conjunction with various global medical charities (some carried over from the 1980 Bishopric-Arch Bishop Wurm Health "canticles"), Brad was a primary consultant (termed a global internship, restricted) on current US & global medical practices and implementations as an almost open clinic event in Bridgeton-Saint Ann Missouri occurred. As well as several termed initiatives under US President Nixon's/US Government FDA protocols program(s). 

      Brad also became very instrumental in various activities with the International Olympics (based mostly in Greater Saint Louis Region, MISSOURI throughout), from Munich to the pre-qualifiers for LA 1984, some IOC official discussions for Lake Placid, Barcelona, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta until consultations in Europe (1997) that would set the stage for completions of other events and planning. During such discussions, he became very effective in negotiations that were termed to of prevented a  'rebirth' of armed conflicts all along the Eastern Europe and Central European corridors that flared up in the early 1990's. Surprisingly, 29 (roughly) nations/countries came to terms, many remembering his influences during the Junior United Nations Conferences in the early 1970's. He would further implement other changes in various agreements to ensure a sense of continued stability in the region, among others, that would help formulate current day and future policies globally.


In the mid 1980's,  Brad also completed a termed 'foreign' equivalency certification, (coveted by most in legal studies, nationally and internationally) upon various approvals, in the World Court forum for arbitrational conducts. Since the aspects are outside the scope of US Governmental termed 'foreign' activities, it has remained overlooked since until discussions in 1997 allowed its 'official' standings to offset various negotiations in the World Court forum as the International Olympic Truce Treaty was revised/reviewed.     

In various employment opportunities, Brad has also carried Union cards in the Teamsters and Laborers, as circumstances and economic plunges transgressed our workplace environment. (the Union mentions don't represent any endorsement(s) other than work practices and principles). In 1996, answering an advertisement, Brad found out that the US Marshal's were pre-screening candidates for FCC independent contractor work, and passing has sought to fulfill those expressed requirements in the 20+ years since (independent contractor). In 2005, he managed to expand and open his retail outlet, then expanded to include Lawn care service (locally, limited), a classed nurseries outlet, other business interests and incorporated one of his primary pet projects in 2016 to facilitate various options established in his sports exploits.  

    Though asked to consider/run for some elected offices while in studies at University of Missouri - Saint Louis in the mid 1980's, by the same General Assembly representatives reviewing the MISSOURI Preamble (including former US Senator/State Legislator/former Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, whom expressed 'irrespective of being a Republican, MISSOURI counts!'), after several events in the early parts of 2017, he/I decided that a US Senatorial run would be indicative for other clarity and presentations, therefore contacting the Missouri GOP in late Summer/early Fall 2017 of intentions to seek the nomination for 2018. 

Brad also had several setbacks, in three separate auto accidents. One where a termed incidental other party at fault. A second type of hit and run incident, where another third party left the scene in a multiple (2) vehicle incident (requiring 8 months of medical care/follow-up care), and finally a near fatal (2007) third party at fault multiple (3) auto accident that eventually remedied itself (after 2 months medical and follow-up care) until an altercation event where he suffered medically termed 'severe ligament' damages (2016) to his right leg, that eventually 'righted itself' during a church memorial service for his war-veteran older brother this past February (2018). 

 While he/I had hoped that either or both, Meagan & Evelyn (Sept. 11th, respectively) would of been around at the time of any future decisions [even with the various ins and outs], among others also now gone to Our other HOME, [including beloved Madera, Viola, (beloved Crysthalium, Lydia, Bedullah, Samantha, & Helena shortly after childbirthings) and some others], this has not become the case. Though they are remembered, not only at home here of and throughout the relations as well, hopes of their influence and examples may supercede otherwise. 

 Some of the content on other webpages hereinof, may entail aspects of (best knowledge) a classed tour completion (non-musical) February 27th 2018  7:19am-8:18am registered requirement(s), although some expansion on certain topics (what may of already have been reported or referenced) may remain restricted status(es) either of such or simply personal preferences.

Thank-You to the many Missouri families and individuals whom assisted during any termed deployment/training event during such tour(s), while many having family members involved as well, and some without, though perhaps now past or suffering alongside the changes having to move to new homes/locations whether because of such loss(es), retribution strikes, the economic factors that introduced themselves in the mid 1970's or otherwise. Even the general had hoped to mention back when alais, the returning combat dead, the incidence(s) at such reclaimation posts/spots, whether due to drug traffickings or retribution/collaborational military strikes domestically, through and through, many still stepped forward, for MISSOURI, GOD and Country.  thank-you !

Please remember to VOTE August 7th 2018 in the Primaries,    hopefully


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