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Campaigning for 2018 suspended under US Federal Election Laws. (August 2018)

Please visit for information on collectors items associated with the campaign August Primary 2018.  use table of contents to access listed items so far. Below is a sample of a smaller issue of one of the historical collector items.

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It appears that the termed 'Svwjord dynasty' declared war on Austria, at least two prior termed Austrian Consulates  (ind) suffered attacks/attempts May 18th and 19th 2019, it also appears that it may have allied itself with Al Qaeda remains. Although understandably, the aforesaid two former termed consulates aren't at the time of the apparent attacks, and presumably Americans targeted.

Sample listing from collector's items

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black overlay writing and ruler not included. actually 8.5" x 11 standard paper sized. 

I should have a referenced listing for the book (one of the books I mentioned) I would attain towards having ready, yet proof reading and what might need further review may take a little longer. LOOK for an advance reserve listing, it may be enabled into two formats, one for like reading where I expand on several things and one where I attempt to apply my Political Sciences (professor's) certificate (I was informed only like 100 ever achieved that format) knowledge to see if anyone would care to pursue a political career or term in the future using several aspects I had within my experience this election. I can not warrant that anyone would attain at least the charity committee accomplishments I was informed or understood attained, yet many may consider weighing both and stay within the set framework 'budget' as best.

(series item numbers on this specific item adjusted from 1601-2000 to 2100-2300, see collector's items subpage for other details, thank-you !!!!) Pricing will adjust after November 6th 2018 election results. Prices subject to change with or without notice, though legitimate efforts will be made to list changes prior to changes where time permits.

During Our Campaign, (all rights reserved, copyrighted materials), various statements were listed regarding aspects that are, would, could, probably going to happen. Where interests were established that would need addressing during a successful US Senatorial Session for and from Missouri. In the content, mentions were made of a missile defense action, with mentions of the Mid-Continent Conflicts. Not only as a Nation, Human Race, all religious aspects in beliefs, and all walks of Life, we may be faced with the fallout of these provocative and aggressive actions that transpired then. Many should understand, in early analysis, 900+ missiles were directed at GLOBAL targets. From some zealot and type of madmen. Confronted, successfully, 300+ were intercepted and destroyed. Many times through use of US and Global Nuclear weapon responses. Many of the 900 were classed 'biological and biochemical' engineered warheads. Currently some doubts on capacities to eradicate many viruses may have arisen. From Measles, Denuagbe Fever, and possibly Ebola among some. We have recently seen sudden and unexplained outbreaks appear. Comparably, a modified Measles, modified Denuagbe Fever and strain striated Ebola may be of theory applications of the 'accomplishments' these otherwise zealots let loose on the Earth all the while hoping and believing they would 'ride out' and inconsistently believing they had 'remedies' for when they would arise from their secured bunkers to see what out lasted the onslaught unleashed. Not only are events and incidences arising in the USofAMERICA, yet Globally as they intended. They VICIOUS response from US Presidents Ford and Carter, may still echo across diplomatic spheres and forums. For direct and precise was such an intended RESPONSE. 

As a HUMAN RACE, many may of answered the various calls towards mustering of at arms. For a global and massive scaled response would also be needed to further meet the possibilities that may further unravel, begin to surface or otherwise. Where sometimes missiles failed, in some instances missiles regarded as necessary National or and global defense were simply redirected budgets with affirmations (otherwise delight) that a standard in Defense existed. Other issues may also arise, that may require an additional strain of attentions of military response(s). The World Trade center events a given example. Now various fundamentalist may further of in beliefs that that would be a given course. Yet, as stated, these zealots and madmen having no regard for Human life, beliefs, and walks of life. Although like a million questions remain, a direct and concise course in actions whereof in truths exists, that a tremendous task lies yet ahead. Outcries on rights having arisen as well. Yet, considering, a 'biological - biochemical' series of missile attacks against humanity, many times the 'extent' arises to the outcries as 'required' considering the extent of the format of such weapons unleashed in compositions and alterations.  Opposition to vaccines having arisen, yet in 'good conscience', the natural version in a vaccination was possibly deemed 'a much better defense' to the altered bio-engineered biological - biochemical version(s). Considerations of an 'altered' bio-engineered version of these few mentioned may lead to a 'reliable' response compared to the 'natural' versions. Many of the world leaders are confronted with various choices since of then. Yet, as many met during the Southeast Asia conflicts to talk 'peace' as a universal understanding of the actions, perhaps first started in the early 1960's arose from the massive missile launch initially by the zealot and his madmen. As other information arose of other actions transpiring and discovered by these, compared to the state of the world at the time and times henceof. Then as a global response was undertaken to confront the onsets, and possibly termed 'second' massive (though) missile attack globally by these same madmen and their zealot leader. Ironically, through the Good Grace many accept, world leaders reached out even though disagreements remained, and diplomacy reached many new heights and platforms. Ironically, though again, in humanity's sphere of actions, sometimes silence arose and no discussions or agreements would or could be reached. Assassinations and attempts suddenly arose as well. Whether caring travelers set in a firm understanding and belief forward in humanity, perhaps suddenly too close and may of finding out some newer things or growing concerns. Others, people in positions of power (eg: the US Presidents and former US Presidents) that may provide insight and knowledge needful to a younger generation and evolving human sphere. TRUE, WAR is bad, death and injury where diplomacy in many hopes should reign. Though WAR as a DEFENSE, cornered in a sudden onslaught for many wise minded, is the only proper course to of followed or remain a fool and become subject to countless folly and mayhem. Politics has been regarded as 'strange bedfellows', yet somehow in of such Good Grace, understanding and TRUTH may lead many otherwise nearing falling towards VICTORY. Victory where such a series of inhuman and disbelief sought to reign, now confounded with Integrity, Humanity, Belief, Care, and Understandings....   Good Grace. Lets hope that the light that arisen shines forward to such a victory that civilization(s) will continue to flourish and relish those ideals, beliefs, understandings, and Love that has guided many tribes from the onsets of Creation to the advent of understandings...

During the Southeast Asia Peace talks, many 'knew' what may have just started then by those madmen and the zealot. Talk then was North Korea, South Korea, Western Civilization, China, Russia, and Polynesia 'knew' what was 'transpiring', yet all peoples hoped, that those days, weeks, months, years, now decades since thenof, what may happen and what would probably transpire where 'growth' and understandings sought to flourish otherwise.

Understanding that certain comments, whether factual or speculative depending of other 'current actions' and processes, Our Candidate is more inclined that the 'comments' of a nickname 'baker's dozen' was the reasonings for mostly lower votes cast. Not the comments of 'too religious minded', or attributed experiences due to various 'official' masses conducted under the tutelages of various Cardinals in the Midwestern regions at those times, among some. As well as the event(s) that we sought to keep 'updated' or allowed referenced of best understandings, comparably. Symbolic and historic hopefully are the two main reasons. Understanding that the possibility of any 'confined' events where 'other' incidental occurances may transcribed in life or death and 'wholesome' human feelings may arise. 

4th Anniversary (2015-2019) 'Promised Re-Appearance' event artist rendition pastel bookmark edition item, all rights reserved, copyrighted materials

[quarter depicts size, ruler allows for size comparisons] 

In observance commemorations of the 2015 'Promised Re-Appearance event' from the 1980 apparitional / Appearance events of the HOLY BLESSED VIRGIN MOTHER MARY, we comprised this edition in continued/renewed observances. Front depicts a copy (copyrighted) of the pastel rendition of events in 2015. The back entails a brief descriptive of events. ​ ADVANCE  listing pricing : 1500.00 plus taxes/shipping/handling. CONTACT THROUGH EMAIL CONTACT FORM IF INTERESTED IN ANY OR THIS ITEM. THANK-YOU. Item will become unlisted towards the end of February/early March 2019. additional 'edition(s)' may become listed after that at a lower rate listing.

While some may have presented a continued 'interest' that some other 'official' ceremony (mass like) the established understanding that a 'non-commicatio' or 'un-communication' (aka ex-communication) from arguments and discussions would be somehow attached, possibly due to the fundamentals regarding the Our Lady of Guadalupe ceremonies and arguments. Understanding per se: 'Our reverend Clergy members' accepting that the outcomes would formulate such a framework 'verdict', our interests and actions would remain separate.

December 2016 Anniversary observance additional item

I understand that some people still do not believe in GOD, or have opened their Hearts to Our LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, during the 1980's events, though many globally still came to SEE, as news of sightings of ANGELS and a Celestial chain of events were reported happening. At that time, almost every religion sent an emissary, to see or and behold. I also understand some people LOVE to collect things at the time, I hope that other means may further present themselves to allow lower pricing on these listings. Though, I hope many understand that other 'results' need attention as also explained to the Vatican at the onsets of these termed and referenced 're-appearances'. I hope that portions may become available from the proceeds collected for respective charities. Understanding the onslaught of understood 'problems' not only demonstrated during the 1980's events, but a series of events with respects to the Visitations recorded events at Lourdes, France, Fatima, and Guadalupe, Mexico, that a majority of the termed 'profits'   generated would become attributed to special projects associated with the 1980's events and re-Visitations. 

I listed postcards with the excerpt photo from copyrighted materials I documented during the 2016 Visitation after events and events during the follow-up review in observances of the 2016, 1st year 2017 anniversary.  (still available) Here I have added a Bookmark, with a short tale or brief description of what also happened later that night. I am listing a mug version to further commemorate the 2nd anniversary, I hope some collectors may find them of interests as well. Photo shows approximately what the mug rendition would look like. pricing and additional information listed soon. 

votive candles and other candles were listed prior, and may become available as well. prices vary due to carried in 2nd anniversary observances and prayers further offered. among other things/items.

perhaps you heard and or possibly SAW what of had regarded 'happened' see below. April 17th 2019 listing

short video clip, footfalls of a pilgrim's journey (remembrance 1980 event, 2017 re-visited)

I have a short video clip, Maunchrin-Mandarinese/ Gothias Gaulic, /BR'Sibdr Slavik/ Naequelris Italia Gaelis (respectively) for those whom requested such since the distance is far too great and possibly prepaid (accordingly). Perhaps some application of symbol understandings as the snows blew across. contact via the email for copyrighted and all rights reserved. no duplication or transfer indicated or permitted. Since many of the residents preferred that there be NO PILGRIMS along this route or pathway, (other things considered as well), perchance save a trip and bunch of otherwise insults.

additional background on this additional site that is presented as having been Re-Visited by the HOLY Blessed Virgin Mother Mary 

After the observances masses conducted under the precepts of the Shrines, a mass pilgrimage continued well after masses specific ceased in the 1980's, sometimes visitors would 'brave' going to the vicinity, as rumors arose of several events.  For years arguments and legal battles arose, yet no one could really 'take ownership' of what transpired and now was left, others had outright claims whether permissions that held higher, and endowments that many held tighter.

currently the site is not easily accessible, and sometimes dangerous to approach, because of weather and current conditions. Please be advised, many local churches prefer 'their congregation/parish' ONLY, strangers please do not tread. The actual center piece of the Shrine, is technically PRIVATE PROPERTY, only slight permissions are understood, especially with the prior events mentioned and dead animal remains among other things, many locals WILL ask people to leave. And many times, the police enforce.

When HOLY SEE John Paul the Second visited Saint Louis, it was retold that he had made a short visit out to the shrine, as the story was retold 'it rained, and rained, and rained, lightly though, and it appeared that many feared the roads would flood, yet, each time the HOLY SEE (Saint John Paul the II) asked to go on and further, the road remained cleared. They arrived, from a small pocket the HOLY SEE pulled forth a small almost hand made rosary (a few beads were missing) and he had mentioned, 'I hope this would allow my visit to see', while the fields all about were almost brimming with water, the HOLY SEE stood and gazed from where he could see, water almost gliding with waves, that many feared and or sought out boats nearby to stop, he prayed the rosary he held, and as they passed it was said, 'hey that looks familiar', no one there understood what he may have meant.


all rights reserved

Realm of ArBitrilis and tri-satellite Baronials

The primary traditional classed Grand Archduchy and traditional global Barony(s) are depicted in this brief reference map. For almost twelve hundred years they had remained separate, often referenced in most religious type stories back during the crusades. It gently lies in the regions of Minas Taurus, often a much visited 'vacation' and commerce site dating back to the great continental caravans from the far east to the European coastlines. In accordances with various treaty stipulations, though the other two-three discussed Barony(s) and or Countships (actual) having to remain separate from this listing since other aspects were termed without basis towards inclusions with this agreement during the great 1997 World Treatsies Forum, Paris France. It joins almost nine others in tandem agreements globally andof hopes that the simple depiction in topographical are enough with various overlapping copyrights and entitlements rights not inclusive with the simple placement of a termed 'required' format, globally. all rights reserved.

advance notification new item coming soon, be sure to get a complete collection of all nine or eight listings available, sure to accent any geographical or educational library and or fan. 

pricings not available for topographical single issue copy edition at this time. additional fees apply. 

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Ascertainments,  some attribute the following to the 'possible coup/military coup attempt of US President Trump', respectively.

previous content regards of preliminary reports may become available in a short while or future date. The original listing report may become available before the overview summary.

where/when permitted/otherwise.

A series of follow-up reports indicated that at the after onsets of the referenced 'current' missile incident, 2700 presumed hostile to US Interests sought to of fled the proximities, an additional report added that a new total of possible re-emergence insurgents thenof totaled nearof 7200 and possibly leaving proximity of US territorial coastline waters. Regional US Naval forces dispatched various ships to allow tracing elements in hopes of remaining 'informed' of directions/speed/destination(s)/and other actions. A follow-up incidence report though indicated a brief confrontation with non-US naval shipping and additional reports held in other regards. Certain coastline defense forces were alerted and placed on 'readiness alert' statuses. A brief ascertainment did follow that certain aspects of actions were similar and possibly linked to a much prior incident held withof the Mid Continent Conflicts, various ascertainments were addressed into content and context of appropriate 'further' actions where evident and concise, as stipulated.