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 Joyous Season wishes !!! 

We conducted a Poll (December 28-31), it results will be reviewed and tabulated. Thank-you for the responses.

While several reports or and rumors abound, the scope that the termed Bush J 39 in further continuance of the Statehood Agreement issue for example (7 delegates Missouri territories and 37 of the 39 reportedly deceased at last rumor/report, a concensus forum delegation may further develop to continue the parameters of summit negoitiations per terms pre-established. The specifics of various agreement rejections from both sides remain reportedly in standing currently. Withof such being established as in truths, the secondary tentative agreement summit was positioned to transpire late May 2019 depending on the format and timetables) January 7th 2019 



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New Campaign Photo, Our Candidate Bradley Krembs

IN understandings of UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT rulings, in compliances, As other aspects of the events early 2018 perhaps reveal themselves further, after many attempts in concerns yet held of 'restricted or restrictions' yet overjoyed with the specifics in understanding of the restricted 'quarantine' at least one event being completed or and thereof lifted. Was it contagion or contagious, how fared the others at the time of the series of understood attacks, ATTACKS not only on Our Government, OUR STATE, OUR COUNTRY, our People, but Our Beliefs and Ideals...…  Understanding that they 'hated' everything AMERICAN, yet they choose these steps, against what appears so many, yet from so many different walks of life, …………

In addition, while various aspects of the termed USSC 2018agr1ai are further regarded, the results (preliminary) N.W. Territories Ratifications tentative understandings where applicable 306c :  941 vs 318

with other stipulational results.

Thank-you, please visit again, and thank-you if you visit from time to time, entitled updates and other information may become further listed, specific comments about affidavits and other similar testimonials or and indictments may not be referenced according to ongoing investigations and reopened cases.

Albeit, while such desires to setfast to their other steadfast tasks, yet hereof understanding that which (probably out of those missiles), such set to of tasks to thereby 'wrought' forth in tandem responses heldst neigh of tenfold from many whom shadows perhaps reach unto the Heavens, to thee and before globally such a destiny thereinof, 'As set Landhold' in of other understandings neigh 2000th year bespoke and commenced. Copies of the newest referenced 'campaign photo 2018' (at right) will be available as well if interested. currently they are referenced at a listing pricing at $1500.00 plus tax/shipping/handling and would denote aspects in campaign 2018 (aka a similar though 'official' version) 

Campaigning for 2018 suspended under US Federal Election Laws. (August 2018)

Please visit for information on collectors items associated with the campaign August Primary 2018.  use table of contents to access listed items so far. Below is a sample of a smaller issue of one of the historical collector items.

While events at onsets of campaign may of allowed for various legal issues to be raised regarding the primary/election (eg: contest election results) due to the scope of security issues arisen, the applicable 'write-in' context may or may not allow further considerations in 2018 election. Thank-you to any votes cast November 6th 2018 in this regard of acceptances of an event 'transpired' and possibly playing role in primary results. Understanding that withof the events earlier this year at onsets of campaigning, the probable indifferences other candidates may have presented during their campaigns, denials, not possibles, and that sort of stuffs. Sometimes, in various campaign histories, votes were 'legally' termed cast for similar incidence candidates as many voters wanted to know 'MORE' about what had or was happening. Historically, where a classed 'historical' candidate's ballot placement(s) allowed 'write-in' even incidental unless falling within a termed 'historical' parameter for further placement in records. Sometimes depending on the degree or status of the candidate's campaign aspirations, county  perhaps 30000, state 75-85000 depending on issues, United States though may need roughly 120,000 to be classed in the further historical context (US Senate) with US House at like 105,000 at least understood for Missouri. While knowing with the 'restraint' considering what was transpiring and what 'could still like' happen, dampened many other campaigning pursuits as well as other finances and family medical emergency(ies) with the historical usually in threes as far as deaths, sometimes overlapping depending on relation(s) and applicable. Yet, should some Missouri voters feel it necessary to further consider several of the listings referenced during my attempts at an adequate campaign infrastructure in the new millennium sphere of applied sciences and techniques, that they may also wish that 'accepting' that at least the referenced MISSOURI CONGRESS ATTACKED 2018 event(s) would warrant another mention in our State History archives, and especially undecided or uncommitted, while critics may have taken a jab at described as a 'republican' nonetheless slightly offensive that I had not understood the scope considering all the Democrats across the State whom I had had the pleasures of being identified as a 'republican' though, still willing in bipartisanship for MISSOURI and for the United States of America.

 FOOTNOTE: While some information may become de-classified or reclassified depending on varying degrees of importance and placement. Some information may be NEED to know ONLY. Otherwise, like many other traditional things in America for Americans, face value should suffice.  Also, I was led to understand that several persons were under a series of Court Orders and Judgements to assist where any items that 'accidently and or incidently' found their way to the paper shredders or even barrel fire pits that were termed official US Government property and not a candidate's or their respective families. Hopefully this may assist, if needed, the President in finding out what perhaps is 'missing' since I also understood that the Court Orders and Judgements stipulated that it wasn't stuff in of accordances that could be termed just off the cuff or likelinesses. (considering, there was a nice report from US President Ford that was suppose to 'clarify' some issues as well as a report formulated by US President Carter, that US President Reagan 'hoped' was still around even after the assassination attempts on or like during that term(s)……   

Also, since I hope to maintain this classed 'historical' context & content website under applicable State laws and Federal Guidelines applicable, a gracious extension to understood families of the devoted, patriotic and dedicated Missouri (and USofAmerica) Families whose dear ones stood strong, stood brave, stood determined on many battlefields throughout  the classed and termed 36/39 Conflict(s). Some mentions were listed during many campaign attempts to identify and yet not single out many Missouri Families and survivors, for their answers to the first calls, the tremendous response when the Second call rang out across Mid-America, and whereof discussed amongst whom may have of knownst other specifics, though the time has passed tremendously since of walking in like brotherhoods to make some stand for what was deemed Life , Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness amongst many and not just a few. That of understandings, knowing the length and time since of its' confined and termed classifications that such may of in truth of assuredly 'ended' and now perhaps thusof a different such termed Conflict 59 (57 +/-) entails such concentration and patriotic observances. Thoughts and prayers to those families of knownst, those passed upon many battlefields in a turmoil of battles and no stern definition forward in of 'war'.  Additionally, where many may be further confused, (since it was literally 'quite'), that from such a simple fellow citizen, whom decided towards fulfillments at the 'right' to at least of ran for such an office and or position, to of listings of such understanding held thereof, whether you have had to idle sat, sit, adapt, adjust, grow to understand yet somehow still 'no regrets' for such acceptance of the 'what would be required' for some 'what it cost' for others 'to still endure' striving to know, at least hereof in listing, termed 'victory conflict 36/39' …. VICTORY !! (and prior mentions, another one 'won' it somethings thought lost). 

Since I could have claimed, yet under the conditions discovered (and perhaps the ones hostile back when former Missouri Governor Carnahan's like 'widow' was confronted and nearly of understandings 'executed' as another like faction that was banding with the ones around what transpired early 2018 as Missouri's CONGRESS was attacked, understood) I chose to reference the format of 'war' and sought to maintain that perhaps it should be DECLARED under existing protocols. 

While, initial understanding in reports of other candidates for US Senate being at the State Capital during, or like just before then referenced later, hours later. Perhaps as the explosions began rocking the serenity that encompassed the State Capital sent many fleeing, perhaps understanding needing to flee the city, Find their offspring or simply run away. Hide, differing probabilities of the wheres and whats of how they sought flight as the first explosion seemed to rock and was seen taking hold at least on the womenfolk there, after many times perhaps or also prior experiences that explosions sometimes happen in Jefferson City Missouri. 

I understand I accomplished a varied number of votes on August 7th 2018, though personally feeling at least I had not failed. Since also I had followed what I understood and my understandings. The effect that of 'what ifs' as how other acts like suicide bombers / termed terrorists yet Nationally designated hostile combatants with sights set on the USofAmerica. This played another consideration in how the campaign was to follow. I chose to maintain, I understood I had the right to apply towards candidate acceptance from what I understood was my political party affiliations, to continue to campaign, yet also inquire, who else, what else, whose responsibilities or like job specs did this then fall beneath.

While, many aspects of termed understandings in 'de-classified' informations and classifications forward in contexts, depending on 'the whom was US President when and where, whom was US President following(s), and what was decided in understandings therein between US Executive orders and Judicial orders for precedence and jurisdictional applications.

please see subpage click upon three bar icon upper right hand corner should allow access to table of content page. Updated listings when available, reprints of items from official campaigning 2018 Primary. Due to various historic issues, such deemed appropriate under various licensing and copyright laws. 

THANK-YOU to all whom voted for me in the August 2018 Primary.

Other updates regarding issues remain steadfast with authority. An extended thank-you to those whom participated in the original format that led to the discoveries of other events as transcribed, to those whom jumped to it and assisted with responses, those whom tried, those whom at firsts failed yet were able to admit that there were 'problems', (the scope that would remain under various scrutiny and oversights since of), those whom currently address these specific issues and those like these issues. I hope those whom were informed of additional safeguards were/are enabled to accept those requests/advisements and not brush aside with 'no thank-you's' or simply not interested in extension of any 'actual' or formulated 'drill' format for necessary responses and actions. While other comments may have been thought upon, the context remains confined to what was listed hereof. May GOD grant us the endurance(s), the patience(s), the understandings, and Grace to accept the hows and whys for necessary actions. thank-you. 


While we ponder the coming days ahead, history will recall these events. Persons and Stands, where decisions are or were made, those decided, and those in response(s). Whether proper or confused, based or formulated into current events otherwise. Yet history will hold all in its endless discoveries, truths, lies, decisions, corruptions, temperament, aims and capacities. Whether decisions made decades ago influence decisions today and tomorrow. The aspects entailed will further prevail in historical accounts. The actions, inactions, decisions, and indecisions as events hopefully subside or unfold further. Yet history will hold many accountable, decisions made and all the consequences. Our Country, the UNITED STATES, has endured many turmoils, each footfall needful met no matter how small those steps abounded, and yet most of all the philosophy that has guided it has always found its foundations are truer than any formulations or policies contrary. Many if not some may further hope providence prevails in understandings of the society we have enjoyed. (October 6-7th, 2018, regards of the continued aspects of multiple missile attacks upon the United States of America and counter defense measures implemented at various times. The aspects of each entailed and compared to other events of varying degree or degrees.)

 While previous mentions regarding attacks upon former US Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter, having had transpired prior to attacks on then US President Reagan. While additional details of the intentions from 10-23-2018 ten pipe bomb mailings may further unfold, I hope that the turmoils diminish, yet considering previous events/incidences, individuals  SHOULD remain conscious of their surroundings. Know exit routes in case of evacuations, near enough places to regroup or re-establish contact with loved ones. And MOST importantly, SHOULD any additional events transpire, LISTEN to instructions from emergency responders and follow the last decade of awareness procedures. 

As stated in other places on the website, We (Our Candidate and committee) hope, that during the General Election tomorrow November 6th 2018 to at least attain the specified 120,000 votes cast. This involves the schematics entailed : Since the late 1970's Missouri has been saddled with a horrible debt in Our State Welfare Budgetary processes. Understanding the schematics of the budgetary processes and applicable resources (namely the Historical inclusions of the Brigadier General attainment, conscribed and officiated in the early 1980's and attenuated through Our State Courts, namely Our State SUPREME Court and State Court of APPEALS, that the valuations attributed withof an historical classification that the remedy for this surmounting debt would be thereof addressed. Foregoing an accomplished tabulation of the understood 120,000 the necessary adjustments to an otherwise non-tax revenued based welfare debt may become necessary to seek other increase and allocations from other programs as the debt would re-ignite into a default state status and may thenof reach a macroeconomic format of 'recession' impact. Our Candidate in the early 1980's in various State discussions and extending 'his permissions' (as well as filing fees associated) towards the considerations affirmations of an attachment of the termed 'honorary title' of Brigadier General (post civil war) as an historic FIRST for Missouri that was understood received in an overwhelming approval vote (97%-99%).

Should such other conditions, namely the early 2018 onset of Campaigning (official) for a United States Senator Consideration ballot measure August 7th 2018, Missourians should understand that failure of reaching the Missouri Courts set schedule requirements other actions would become necessary towards a Missouri General Assembly approach for an alternate solution, (mindful, it has failed 37 times to reach any other resource solution) and delays into 2019 with higher than expected rejections in social welfare approval applications may become further necessary. 

Understanding, that Our Candidate's Bradley Krembs's (possible write-in) Charity Campaign committee had reached about 617-619 million with various matching endowments up to the August 7th 2018 Primary (roughly 2.1314 Billion, though Nationally after tangible investment losses possibly related to the 9/11 events and markets failures, respectively) majority of these funds were attributed already from conception of the organization format of the charity campaign committee with a separate inclusions eligible 5.45 million already ledgered into various (throughout State of Missouri) charity contributions associated with a political campaign expansions separate from the Charity Committee begun early/mid 1980's being termable 'spent' (other comparable, underwritten previously in non-profit, footnote: should your classed pre-1990's assigned/consigned charity having had an interrupted session(s) during the legal challenges that the charity committee experienced during 1991-1993 legal foundations litigations, with the understood settlement fund assigned under IRS National/Federal rulings of abridgement/abatement and infringements a remedial process may still be available where applicable unless otherwise already arbitrated). Again Thank-you across the State of Missouri for the opportunity to of expressed my individual right and rights towards considerations in the August 7th 2018 selection considerations. GOD BLESS. Thank-you !

Sample listing from collector's items

black overlay writing and ruler not included. actually 8.5" x 11 standard paper sized. 

I should have a referenced listing for the book (one of the books I mentioned) I would attain towards having ready, yet proof reading and what might need further review may take a little longer. LOOK for an advance reserve listing, it may be enabled into two formats, one for like reading where I expand on several things and one where I attempt to apply my Political Sciences (professor's) certificate (I was informed only like 100 ever achieved that format) knowledge to see if anyone would care to pursue a political career or term in the future using several aspects I had within my experience this election. I can not warrant that anyone would attain at least the charity committee accomplishments I was informed or understood attained, yet many may consider weighing both and stay within the set framework 'budget' as best.

(series item numbers on this specific item adjusted from 1601-2000 to 2100-2300, see collector's items subpage for other details, thank-you !!!!) Pricing will adjust after November 6th 2018 election results. Prices subject to change with or without notice, though legitimate efforts will be made to list changes prior to changes where time permits.

December 2016 Anniversary observance item

The photo depicts a rendition of the termed 2016 December Visitation event (copyrighted materials, all rights reserved) 

2nd Anniversary December 2018 edition


Photo (copyrighted) from follow-up visitation during daylight hours, back entails a brief description of the events that transpired with this Visitation event.

pricing and additional ordering information to be listed shortly. thank-you.

if interested please email/contact with request(s). Limited time listing item, limited edition. reprints may become available at a later time at adjusted pricings.

update Jan 4th 2019, with this anniversary passed a new item may soon become available in recognition of the 4th anniversary of the 1980's 'Promised Re-Appearance' 2015 event. 

footnote: I understand many have different opinion(s), although where treading uponst my understanding of my Faith, you know the meaning behind a middle finger commentary response for such. I hope and may continue to pray towards (where time permits) for those whom hold their fundamentals in 'higher' standings perchance then keeping to thyself(ves) and biased formulations. During the 1980's events, various pathways of Christian and other global religious practice in faith convened in inquiry(ies) alongside the several Vatican traditional Inquisitions (5 reported total) and various questions were addressed 'then', though many times other unassociated events also transpired in termed observances, a majority 'lacked' the semblance of feeling associated with the actual events. Though many passed onward to Our other HOME, many devoted into the folds of the radiance and Grace, that were of witness at the time, to deny any continued reference seems contrary inof such Faith where we hold unto, Thank-you, please review again whereof new listings for other observance 'recognitions' further develop. 

reprints may be still available of the 2nd anniversary, (price listing may vary where advance reservation or and of listing referencing) if still interested, please inquire via contact form. initial due to limited quantities are available though at a stipulational 1.53m each, if of such continued doubts, I recommend consulting with your specific ministry or clergy where applicable, perhaps therein you may find the answer or direction needful further.

copyrighted materials, all rights reserved, printouts and copying not permitted or authorized.

Unsure if any mentions of various 'Lights' during presentation prayers in observances preparations, 2018 observance presentational offering. 

December 2016 Anniversary observance additional item

I understand that some people still do not believe in GOD, or have opened their Hearts to Our LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, during the 1980's events, though many globally still came to SEE, as news of sightings of ANGELS and a Celestial chain of events were reported happening. At that time, almost every religion sent an emissary, to see or and behold. I also understand some people LOVE to collect things at the time, I hope that other means may further present themselves to allow lower pricing on these listings. Though, I hope many understand that other 'results' need attention as also explained to the Vatican at the onsets of these termed and referenced 're-appearances'. I hope that portions may become available from the proceeds collected for respective charities. Understanding the onslaught of understood 'problems' not only demonstrated during the 1980's events, but a series of events with respects to the Visitations recorded events at Lourdes, France, Fatima, and Guadalupe, Mexico, that a majority of the termed 'profits'   generated would become attributed to special projects associated with the 1980's events and re-Visitations. 

I listed postcards with the excerpt photo from copyrighted materials I documented during the 2016 Visitation after events and events during the follow-up review in observances of the 2016, 1st year 2017 anniversary.  (still available) Here I have added a Bookmark, with a short tale or brief description of what also happened later that night. I am listing a mug version to further commemorate the 2nd anniversary, I hope some collectors may find them of interests as well. Photo shows approximately what the mug rendition would look like. pricing and additional information listed soon. 

votive candles and other candles were listed prior, and may become available as well. prices vary due to carried in 2nd anniversary observances and prayers further offered. among other things/items.