Campaigning for 2018 suspended under US Federal Election Laws. (August 2018)

Please visit for information on collectors items associated with the campaign August Primary 2018.  use table of contents to access listed items so far.

please see subpage click upon three bar icon upper right hand corner should allow access to table of content page. Updated listings when available, reprints of items from official campaigning 2018 Primary. Due to various historic issues, such deemed appropriate under various licensing and copyright laws. 

THANK-YOU to all whom voted for me in the August 2018 Primary.

Other updates regarding issues remain steadfast with authority. An extended thank-you to those whom participated in the original format that led to the discoveries of other events as transcribed, to those whom jumped to it and assisted with responses, those whom tried, those whom at firsts failed yet were able to admit that there were 'problems', (the scope that would remain under various scrutiny and oversights since of), those whom currently address these specific issues and those like these issues. I hope those whom were informed of additional safeguards were/are enabled to accept those requests/advisements and not brush aside with 'no thank-you's' or simply not interested in extension of any 'actual' or formulated 'drill' format for necessary responses and actions. While other comments may have been thought upon, the context remains confined to what was listed hereof. May GOD grant us the endurance(s), the patience(s), the understandings, and Grace to accept the hows and whys for necessary actions. thank-you. 


While we ponder the coming days ahead, history will recall these events. Persons and Stands, where decisions are or were made, those decided, and those in response(s). Whether proper or confused, based or formulated into current events otherwise. Yet history will hold all in its endless discoveries, truths, lies, decisions, corruptions, temperament, aims and capacities. Whether decisions made decades ago influence decisions today and tomorrow. The aspects entailed will further prevail in historical accounts. The actions, inactions, decisions, and indecisions as events hopefully subside or unfold further. Yet history will hold many accountable, decisions made and all the consequences. Our Country, the UNITED STATES, has endured many turmoils, each footfall needful met no matter how small those steps abounded, and yet most of all the philosophy that has guided it has always found its foundations are truer than any formulations or policies contrary. Many if not some may further hope providence prevails in understandings of the society we have enjoyed. (October 6-7th, 2018, regards of the continued aspects of multiple missile attacks upon the United States of America and counter defense measures implemented at various times. The aspects of each entailed and compared to other events of varying degree or degrees.)

Post script commentary(ies): PSST....! Hey Guys, you know if the like 'she' can't hit the side of a barn even if we held it for it to aim and there is a little group of the 'she's' like that working the missile response defense, 'would you want to be like underneath it like or 'finding other things' to do or that might if 'she missed' sort of things.....