Advisement Listed April 26th 2019, main page

Most of all (some buildings still followed the orange arrows method in marking safe routes, some have blue arrows with X's meaning go the other way or turn if following the 1950's-1970's identification marks. Some may remember 'practice drills' what routes to follow in cases of emergency flood/tornado/earthquake/emergency and what color marks each path or altogether in certain cases), remember 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake and aftershocks 5.6-5.0 multiple, where traditionally 5-4.5 magnitude on colonist records. Some listed 6 magnitude, yet, was revised to 5.25-5.0 depending on the arguments and debates, fist fights, and feuds. While various comparative sciences have a differing 'estimate' of dates and possible times that the 'effects' will surface, some areas are 'possibly experiencing' a gradual effect that last two days. Whether an acceptable marginal shift happened here, or a 2mm (millimeter) shift happened here or a 7mm shift happened there along thru this or that, then just beyond half an inch to an inch and a half to three feet marginally to the specifics in perimeter of epi center(s) with the proximity of aftershocks and (technical scientific terms not necessarily needed or specifics direct identified at least in this format). In some places though, a two and half meter shift may develop to a fifteen to forty foot separation in certain regions, some may expand though to 70 feet point a to point b with 3-6 mile steep drop. Some of these may cause older not structured dated buildings to collapse entirely. In some locations, it may even open then close or shift possibly trapping below. BE CAREFUL, this isn't California, this may be like an event in Pakistan 15 years ago about where the mud separated, pulled much down with it, and in some places little rivers flowed for short times between the crevices.. Sometimes tennis shoes work better and safer then high heels, dress shoes, and most importantly 'flip flops' (they snap faster), some places you may have to GRAB that heavy duty tarp plastic to vacate the building (usually last ones out after cracks noticed starting, if you see cracks LOOK AT IT AS NOT A DRILL or otherwise). Some places require 'where you meet' during certain events, some people NEED to remember..... SKYSCRAPERS, how many stories and how far you have to go away from, apartments wrap the pets with the blankets and insist they going outside too.... if time ….. don't forget the kids...….

The Great debate, 'Earthquakes-Floods and Mud conditions'

     While in the early 1970's to mid 1980's various efforts were implemented and massive projects undertaken. A group of scientists convened overseas and a very heated debate arose...…  If there was enough mud and rain soaked areas around an earthquake 'epi center', how would it be recognized.  Some debated, with the influx of rain soaked ground and various levels of MUD, how would the then current 'seismographic' sensors register or not register. Many agreed, the sensors in an environment where the region was drenched by rain and soaked, compounded by the amount varying in degrees of mud compositions would 'delay' any recognition of the event in itself. Some regard it as a Blessing, allowing additional time for re-allocated emergency responders and supplies, evacuations, early preparedness, early warning, though, if noticed.... 

       About fifteen -seventeen years ago, Pakistan experienced an earthquake event, it was delayed, some sensors further away registered the 'felt' ratio and many pondered, small earthquake there, yet no fault lines.... It had experienced a ground drenching from monsoon/cyclone events, and the ground was heavily saturated for a short time just prior to the emergence of 'effects'. 

      Historically, many Missourians around the New Madrid Fault line have referenced an earthquake event that happened, yet it had experienced 'unseasonal periods' of rainfall and slight flooding events. The way understood, five years passed, then massive cracks were noticed as the ground 're-settled', the rains subsided, and the mud hardened then as it dried, became 'brittle' and gave way for the like next seven years after the event. 

Just remember, to be aware of emergency evacuation routes and procedures at your employment (including re-assembly positions), schools, and surroundings, (skyscrapers, falling glass and debris, safe areas to evacuate to) 

Thank-You !!!    Have a SAFE and joyful Spring and Summer !!!!

Just remember, on April 12th 2019 a listing was placed that indicated there was a serious chance of a massive earthquake shortly (based on our methodology and observations), on APRIL 16th 2019, comparing all available information under pre-established studies, we listed that a MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE happened with additional aftershocks (anticipated).

Campers, fishers, travelers and otherwise should understand, now the temperature is  rising and the rain has stopped, so far. (April 21st-May 7th 2019, and restarted again and again). Simply don't be caught unprepared or uninformed about necessary safeguards. As the flood waters recede in the Midwest, and the ground starts to dry up and dry out, CHANGES could transpire. (questions are never stupid, not asking is stupid if you don't know) Have alternate routes should roadways become unaccessible, know whom you may have to call or contact, let people (friends and/or family ) know where you went and how long you may be. If traveling, who would you need to contact or how best can someone 'searching find you', international tourists, your foreign ministry offices numbers, and what information/documents you may need. Life preservers can save your life, please remember to put them on and have them should you need them. 

There may be a chance that many events will go un-noticed or further delayed with weather conditions and the like. Yet, (based on understandings and experiences, the various sensors along the western coastline were easier to set, with the overlaying accounts of earthquake events compared to the Midwest, and set almost like on 'stone' compared to 'approximate' locations and sometimes weather conditions (rain and mud) may have offset placements in the Midwest.