Informations of other specific common issues presented may become listed on 'official' government websites.

As of a simply courtesy (religious courtesy format), IF THERE HAD, HAS, or is CURRENTLY a classed massive Biological chemical attack, persons whom followed the do's & don'ts under US SURGEON GENERAL's Everett Coop 'PREPAREDNESS' program(s), should simply follow several of those recommendations. 

Other possible changes, curfews may become established in various areas or zones.

Please strive to follow the specifics of 'curfew' timeframes.

Some roads and highways may suddenly become closed or redirected traffic may have to accommodate emergency responders priorities.

Some places normally without restrictions may implement mandatory restrictions under a procedural guideline, in some cases limiting the number of people/persons allowed inside or close proximity to each other unless pre-cleared.

In pre-cleared areas, do not enter unless pre-cleared. LISTEN, strive to follow emergency directions as specific as possible.

Many of the personal medical informations, on a case by case basis were previously established, if you have not received medication prior take extra precautions including upon seeing any referenced early signs of possible infection/contamination be prepared for medical services and procedures. Avoid making prank calls or hysteria confused opinions to emergency personnel. 

Various administrations (eg: Clinton & Obama) had made other decisions contrary to the US Surgeon General's (Everett Coop) advisements and protocols, and under such, where listed on informations pamphlets  were redirected under Health services or shortened versions of procedures to follow in case.