Missouri Territories is now entering its zenith agenda. 

Understandably, many concerns still remain amongst its residents and citizens, visitors and others whom desired to offer influences into the embodiment of our society, communities, hearths and homes. 

While the advent of the events earlier this year and subsequential incidences that seem to strive and tange the results, we hope that the mobilized consortium of Missouri Territorial rights militias are further garnered into the processes format. While many long time residents, knowing the eventual outcomes may of decided to leave the community we call Missouri Territories. 

Cordial acknowledgements to the Other States of the United States whose recent election results having also served towards the pattern and outlet of decisions that arose. Congratulations to those members of any knowing whom have suddenly been enabled to rest uponst such understandings and further formulate towards the outcomes of decisions. 

Understanding, that the United States of America having of understood, issued such a declaration or and declarations forward in W A R. As well as understanding the termed decisions in the various follow-up votes required.  

While other decisions and understandings having set themselves on the proper course(s), while of such understandings thereof recent rulings in arbitrational context separate from any one stranger. 

The scenario of the events earlier this year having left many doubts decided thereof upon by various rulings and challenges, yet notwithstanding in any specific endeavors. 

Although many other types of changes having also transpired since then, as decisions having themselves been abridged and efforts to offset the processes conscribed. There are many aspects of other decisions and disagreements thusof as well. Yet, hopes that the remedial and not alternative remains steadfast in Our Hearts, Minds, Beliefs, and Communities. 


Other events Campaign - election 2018

If you may of heard, earlier this summer an incidence whereof possible campfire chit chat about the re-emergence of the dreaded hitchhiker from the rivers and streams. Ideally known of many as the Delta Moccassin, that may have arose in earlier reports from the various floodings along many favorite get away spots and way hays. So be extra cautious, especially as cold weather starts to set in, you know they BITE, real fast and depending on venom exposures the timeframe NEEDED otherwise. Be sure when grabbing for those holiday decorations that suddenly the mysterious hitch hiker doesn't stay til Christmas, having a field day along the Christmas Trees and dangling ornaments. (its not a turtle, and legend as QUITE poisonous) or another report where the fabled Hognose suddenly spotted a customer and then to some (mostly the MO-KSN/KSAN-Mo NTR) a blessing from beyond. 

Recently a possible report of detonations along Delaware, uncertainty if another training episode or the after effects of other actions from the United States, another report of Delaware being invaded with troops arriving along its northern coast lines. Possible additional report of Intercontinental New England troops killed 15 up from 11 Missouri, 14 up from 12 Kansas, Pennsylvania 35 up from 25. 118 MIA. after initial civilian fatalities up from 63 to 193-223 depending on available countings. 

Some probable jestings, craft approaching and landing off shore just beyond first then second reported detonations, depending on aspect of conventional or nuclear (probable) from other actions.

Always remember, in the event of a declared evacuation in the termed 'Blinky' regions follow the lights accordingly, when confronted with no lights, try to remember where your at and what routes were initially designated. 

Possible 2 of termed Rojak 4 involved with the Air Force One 3a4 incidences termed tentatively 'hanged' (US SOILS) with testimonial ascertainment as elements remaining advancing (already positioning) on Ancillory Precinct DC possibly linked to District of Columbia Ancillory N-.Commonhouse arson event(s) as format may further unfold to inclusions termed California Lotak 9 in additional actions towards early 2019. Possible secondary links to Missouri State Capital Attacks early 2018 (reagents or secondary links).

While some may feel or felt it still necessary for various referenced materials, the outcome decided several factors. In some regards, Pray answered, as some may have seen referenced into the general election, the vagueness of reports extending from the early 2018 (while many chose to campaign and ignore still) as the forecasts would allow some to clamour forward on the bodies of Our fellow Missourians, fellow Americans to some ungodly aim, while an opinion of forecasts the expansion of other factors in the series of attacks at the State of Missouri Capital remains concerned. Some vague reports casualty/fatality reports may reach as high as 57,000-59,000 as various contagions expand among the intended factors or collaborations, while currently roughly an additional 462-469 may have become ascertained as resultant from 'exposures' at various points of the attacks. Future report ascertainments may not be readily listed, through the season hopes of a continued MISSOURI STRONG and MISSOURI DETERMINED surmounts these obstacles. 

Although other measures were undertaken, similar and standard precautions should remain steadfast. 

The extension on several topics and various incidences that influenced many, often easier to of been described as various 'angel dust' events in cafeteria food or transcending vapors, though not altogether true themselves. Many aspects of preparedness, aptitude, comprehension, acceptances and similar were further expressed with the format of election results.

Greetings, gracious diplomatic re-extensions, (where applicable), 11th Global Tacit and 9th configuration forces, Welcome Back. (it will place, give it enough time)