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---> COMING SOON <--- I went back to the onsets of the campaign and found the format for the campaign brochure number 2, hopes to list it's availability SOON, it covers many items expanded shortly in the campaign number 1 brochure, including a brief descriptive mentions of the 1960's global diplomatic event or tentatively known as 'diplomatic contact', and several references to the various assassination attempts on several US Presidents including a brief mention of the gunshot suffered by Our candidate during the Ford & Carter Presidential evacuation event. check back soon...…….    listing may become limited to limited edition production (initial), and or availability.....  HURRY !!! anticipated advance offering listing price may be set at approx. $3200.00 per edition release campaign brochure number 2, copyrighted materials, all rights reserved. FIND OUT what many prior National candidates often sought to 'announce'.

collector's edition campaign poster going into August 7th 2018 Primary elections

While some may debate the 'standings' a modern Declaration of WAR by the United States of America Congress, changes were implemented in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 mass attacks on the United States. Modified after the emergency meetings into (best understandings) 2002. While a massive push in legislation actions prior for a concise and updated format in a declaration as well as massive restrictions for any National Declaration of WAR. Of best understanding, based on events at the onsets of candidature processing, early 2018, on July 23rd 2018 based on the understood 'protocols' implemented while the UNITED STATES CONGRESS was in further emergency sessions regarding the acts from 9/11 to current probable results and various conditions, declared WAR. 

In the aftermath of the massive destructions associated with the WORLD WARS, I & II, many felt it necessary to restrict any future declarations. Many provisions and protocols were implemented to abide with the vast number of voters wishes. Although the WAR POWERS ACT was implemented allowing some 'smaller' response under various administrations and Presidencies since. Although many attempts to restrict the vast powers that the US President termed 'enjoyed' or was empowered by of which to safeguard US Interests and National Security. 

While I had other plans for my campaigning in 2018, the events were deemed by myself as 'felt necessary' to inform, and remain determined towards an adequate response as many aspects further unfolded. Although unsure of the effect the confrontation entailed early 2018 and the possible 'risks' that if such was directed towards my candidature pursuits or otherwise also entered into the 'proper course and conducts'. Yet it appeared GOD intervened, with my Father's failing health confounded with the sudden loss of my sister then war veteran brother, until in early July, he was called Home to the embrace of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

Although hesitant to campaign on the topic of WAR DECLARED and the various termed 'attacks' listed during my campaigning attempts, again, information seemed the better prelude to anything approaching into the election year. A better prepared as well as somewhat informed public may have an additional edge compared with the onslaught of terror 9/11 wrought on Our Great Nation, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  

Shortly after, of best understanding, that the UNITED STATES CONGRESS had 'fulfilled' what was passed in the aftermath of 9/11, respectively October 2001, the poster listed to the right was formulated and designed for entry into a possible general election campaign. Since it was designed prior to the August Primary elections, I felt it well suited for a collectors' rendition item, historically [whether many regarded the mid1980's designated "Missouri's First historic Brigadier General, post civil war neither North or South attributed, and that not since 1941 HAD the UNITED STATES CONGRESS been construed as DECLARING  W A R ……. July 23rd 2018, best knowledge and understanding for further presentation(s). 

I may limit the duration for this edition, 3rd edition modified from the 1st and 2nd editions, with disclaimer reference of protocols changed in modern termed 'warfare and technology applicable'. 

While the thought of further conflicts, many stretching back as far as the Southeast Asia conflicts arose during, the event(s) around the early 2018 'ATTACK ON MISSOURI'S CONGRESS'  only allowed that there may be more 'terror' and uncertainty confronting the UNITED STATES this year, so I remain steadfast in concerns and attempts to remain determined that with all events transpiring, it remained evident and allowed for other follow-up for clarity. While many aspects of the event(s) remain or termed 'classified' [perhaps under similar protocols during the October 2001 US Congress reviews and surmissals] I hope further that the US remains steadfast and enabled in response(s). 

I may only run this offer listing until the General election in November 2018 with another reprint or change in format. Item is 18x24 laminated poster (no frame) listing price currently at (presentation sale price, limited duration) price $47815.50 plus taxes and shipping/handling charges. price adjusted Nov 7th 2018 Please contact if interested in purchase, serious inquiries only. THANK-YOU !.

actual product will not have sample photo listing writings upon.

NEW ITEM, standard 8.5" x 11" glossy poster, unframed, sample photo listing black printing will not be on actual product. all rights reserved, copyrighted materials

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY LISTING PRICE !!!!!   register/ reserve now !!! edition copy/reprints (1601-2000, series numbers adjusted to 2100-2300 at this pricing listing (1601-2000 still available) currently available. Prices will adjust after November 6th 2018 election and results.

Photo to right is a sample, all rights reserved, edition release of an additional event that happened while the candidate (Bradley Krembs) sought the Primary 2018 US Senatorial-Missouri election selection for November 2018 General election. Many contend 'nothing or means nothing', yet, technically and otherwise, based on events earlier 2018 that influenced campaigning measures and wrought other decisions, (former US Senatorial-Missouri Candidate Bradley Krembs) sought further in pursuits 'sinceof being' an official candidate thereof. Not since 1941 had the USofA declared via the US Congress such an event, under all applicable understanding and global conditions applicable as well as national United States, succeeded/accomplished this before various termed terms expired/completed.  item is an 8.5" x 11" poster [simple glossy version poster]. if interested please use contact form to state intentions towards acquiring your edition rendition copy. New Price November 7th  2018 : $19024.54 plus shipping/handling and taxes. (due to recent events, price increase necessary) all rights reserved.

Black overlay printing not included or ruler, there is specific black toned writing in the white border frame that describes item.

If your an authorized termed " essential ' post 'official' that would like to have a copy of the item displayed (unless you sortof told me or the post like sortof had said like f#@! o&&, Straight from DC, regular price plus written official request 'required') and understand or understood the terms pre-established by the Missouri State Court of Appeals and Missouri State SUPREME COURT on fee schedules and classifications on eligible classed 'specific' essential or official display authorized post(s), please submit a request for considerations (terms and conditions apply) under a termed tentative lease program of 'historical item, State and/or State of Missouri And US classed historical item under the appendixes Judicial rulings for fee schedule requirements and proofs of compliances and/or compliances capacities for such a classed item. 

Collector's edition (November 2018) Republican Primary Candidate (August 7th 2018) campaign brochure [copyrighted]

The listing photo to the right is a sample (slight variation actual) top part outer 'jacket' of campaign brochure for August 7th 2018 Republican Primary. Historic {MISSOURI} 8.5" x 11" brochure, standard copy, {professional copy may become listed as well} bottom portion inside topic description of various campaign listings for 2018 August Primary. ***   Current price listing $1219.66 *** + shipping/handling/taxes. Lamination (the standard) additional. Price subject to change. Item copyrighted, all rights reserved. --> November 2018<-- edition, collector's series 'historical campaign items' , MISSOURI's FIRST Brigadier General (honorary) post civil war classifications. Actual campaign pre-Primary still available at adjusted pricing(s). Standard and Professional copy renditions.

Campaign 2018 Primary Brochure number 2


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             In campaign brochure number 2 

Our candidate expanded on several issues and                                      events

Briefly described were events in an international diplomatic contact event, with small references.

Where would Humanity suddenly abound to further go, reaching to the Stars, whether glimpses and memories from Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and spot glimpses of Mercury as ventures stretched beyond ranges of Mankind....   Ideas of explorations, excitements in further discoveries and finding life.   Disagreements of expenses, education, learning and adaption as newer products and ideas sprung forth across the WORLD.      

Other comments further expanded from the campaign brochure number 1 edition

Power struggles and power grabs, desires to remain centered without understandings that humanity has grown and was growing faster and smarter than ever before. Conflicts still arose, politics stammered across the lines of history and humanity's strong will towards survival. Assassination events on various US Presidents and their spouses, further expanded and briefly 'discussed', heartache hardships as each step forward was met with additional 'hate' and struggles...…..  Referenced comments from the HOLY SEE Saint John Paul the Second, in forewarnings...……  listing price   $3200.00 plus taxes/shipping/handling...…   get a collector's edition issue Today …..       copyrighted materials    all rights reserved

2nd edition collector's poster item

2nd edition examples that are available price range from $1.25 million to $1.565 million and may be 'very limited' in production, plus taxes (where applicable and shipping/handling charges as mentioned in 3rd edition reference listing. Price will adjust after November 6th 2018 Election results. prices subject to change with or without notice/listing, though legitimate attempts to list prior to changes where time permits.

3rd edition collector's reprint edition standard

A simple poster, non-laminated edition reprint of the 3rd edition example may become available as well. please reference back where time/otherwise permissible.

While the DECLARATION OF WAR may stir reactions from many;

Understanding that some may feel it necessary to offset the termed and understood 'protocols' Declaration of WAR  by the UNITED STATES CONGRESS, other factors are also involved. While some may (currently or running for US Congressional office) I myself agree with the findings entailed in the October 2001 decisions and protocols, as an attempt towards further 'carelessness' and many should consider alternate or impeachment processes if such is the case as described by the decisions 2001 US CONGRESSIONAL emergency hearings for National defense and preparedness. Some may regard some of the information listed within my campaign site previously (prior to the August 7th 2018 Primary results and conditions for suspensions of campaigning thereof after) as an understanding of probable frameworks in this DECLARATION OF WAR by the UNITED STATES of AMERICA JULY 23rd 2018. Understanding that some were possibly confounded with typos during the Johnson administration to the Carter Administration and certain items or OFFICIAL US EXECUTIVE reports were either misplaced or destroyed in actions/mistakes during subsequential administrations. The termed characteristics of the referenced CONFLICT 59 or CONFLICT 57 (depending on typos) may be of remedy for official review and insights. Of my understandings, the revocation of the Declaration of WAR may be as difficult as the Declaration itself presented, under various protocols.

footnote: While some may construe or further regard this specific event(s) as 'just another' terrorist incidence, the format, organizational structure and devised plans prove otherwise on a comparative level of 'just another terrorist attack' to a concise planned and formatted relentless series of further attacks in aggressive warlike actions towards the destruction of America. The idealism to 'just wait' and see was understood 'clarified' during the emergency sessions in the aftermath of 9/11 by the United States Congress and attributed 'protocols' affirmed in several subsequent US Congresses since then, and the idealism that whether perhaps only 100's of similar attacks or an anticipated nearof thousand structured attacks, only lends itself towards a responsive and concise US Military Response(s) for safety and Sanctity of the United States of America as conscribed. The demonstrated format further allows 'any good conscience' and reliable mentality (non-idiot) to thereof understand that the formulations are a furtherance of several prior actions of aggressive attacks in a deemed 'war-like' stance towards the United States of America and IT CANNOT simple take a sedative and perceive a staffer or assistant would be enabled to arbitrate a formatted diplomatic agreement whereof no diplomacy or otherwise would be received except the destruction of the USofA.