Ballot choices August 7th 2018

Various candidate platforms will further unfold, if elected, here may be a run down of what voters may expect in a vague comparison from Our Candidate, THE PREAMBLE CANDIDATE Missouri's Brigadier General Bradley Krembs, (all rights reserved)

Bush Agenda Candidate : Candidate whose policies are formulated by personal regards and 'understandings', drawn massive National support, reports of corruption in various other conducts, withdrawn from the center point of work related issues and job specifications with undue delays, pushing forward behind the scenes for the Bush Agenda on Preamble 'Missouri' entitlements, with east coast backers may portray as a better enabled candidate to pursue - yet, already decided Welfare State under the Bush Agenda. Most Missourians regard the classification of a Welfare State a step below the (or farther) from the 1800's Slave State classifications. 

Communist Candidate : Found a way into various parties and circles and hopes no one is looking or listening.

Patsy Candidate : Just there for show and tell, not much in issues or otherwise.

Mental Therapy Candidate(s): whether a classed cutter or under psychotherapy analysis, needs to have people around to prevent any 'problematic' episodes, so otherwise occupied.

Anger management problem Candidate : likely to implode or worse, secretly of found a way to batter spouse and kids and force them into a low profile. Likely not be distracted and unresponsive in 'critical' format and formulations of responses necessary.

My Mom got me the job 'candidate' : Though serving, pretty much avoided much 'combat' or military type (common regard) service. Might have tested some other projects, although many were pre-tested, so not much of a comparable accomplishment.

PREAMBLE Candidate : Approached independently by the Missouri Congressional elective coalition and inquired if 'acceptance' of Missouri's first classification 'Brigadier General (honorary) status' (and finding out the overwhelming tabulations of Missouri's General Assembly votes cast for analog inclusions sessions of Missouri's Congress), Missouri's delegation presented such initial acceptance conveyances to the US Congress (termed awkwardly met), but simple acknowledgement (with additional comments sort of why the 'whatever' would Missouri waste their time on a presentation), forward to the US President at the time (Jimmy Carter) who acknowledged and made several US Executive additions to the official content inclusions for the US Federal Government records and analogs. Re-affirmed by incoming US President Reagan, whom made other adjustments as well. High chair ringside seat to Missouri's beloved Former US Vice President/US President Harry S  Truman's Missouri Congressional-Executive review Preamble content and expectations. Nominated after the 'Brigadier General classification (historic)' for Preamble Candidate classifications. US Signal Corps Volunteer/Combat veteran (civilian classifications with various 'OFFICIAL' US Executive/US Congressional conscriptional service (draft ineligible), classed a major (combat) in Stateside service re-adjustment (tentatively first tour, expired February 27th 2018 per settlement agreements, completed a termed rotational tour July 27th 2018 (termed second tour)).

Liberal turned 'I want to win an elected office' Candidate : termed a profound brown noser, and simply often referred to as 'little puppet'.  ([these candidates may be found on other party ballots as well.....])