Summary August 7th 2018

We will hope to look back on these crucial elections in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. We will hope the decisions the voters decided guide us as a Nation forward, not backward as sometimes these types of elections produce. As Americans, we hope taxes are fewer, benefits are greater, yet all the while hoping to continue that ever so 'AMERICAN DREAM' . Generations have cherished our ideals, our practices, adjusted our policies to the time, times, era, inventions and prosperity. All the while hoping that the tomorrow is still ahead, yesterday no longer forgotten but remembered. Whether we continue to remember the events September 2001 (9-11), the friends, the family, spouse(s), children, and sense of security we have been Blessed to of Known. 

For some the elections have turned into nothing more than a joke, for awhile hoping for those changes, listening to the countless promises, and finding our way forward many times on our own resulting from the decisions set forward from countless elections that seem to never change the problems we encounter. Almost everyday, as Americans we discover that our enemies are growing stronger and more determined, yet, we wrap ourselves in the tranquility of knowing of Our Freedoms and Rights. 

Though many times, when we look back and ponder, why then, but as you look upon the numbers of Americans that do show up and express or exercise the right to vote, we can see that the numbers dwindled yet again. While many look at this Tuesday's [August 7th 2018] ballots, whether Republican or Democrat, we notice something that has not happened for some time, the number of Our fellow Missourians whom having decided to step forward into this field, before Our fellow Countrymen and women, in such hopes to carry forward Our Ideals, Our Hopes, Our Values for today and tomorrows to come.....  

Here in Missouri, often Our State is referred as somewhat 'out of it', Our population though comparably small has grown and grown and grown.....   From very low numbers in the 1960's, the 1970's and the 1980's, sometimes dwindled by the losses that the Conflicts in SouthEast Asia wrought upon many of our communities. Yet, Our Frontiersmen, Our Plainsmen, whether sons, friends, brothers, grandsons and or neighbors STOOD STRONG. Many laying down theirs very lives for the values of Freedom  WE MISSOURIANS of hopes CHERISH, in understandings and practices.

We have endured from the era of the Gateway to the West, with expansions into and beyond, we have weathered countless challenges many times still on our very own. 

We have often heard, various Political stands, statements, and policies from abroad with regard to the levity of such Values and Expectations We Missourians hold in dearest truths.

When challenged for Our Community Values, Our Ideals, we rally together, many times knowing each other as we gather, sometimes lingering in sights as we strive to remember those we may have not seen in years, months or even decades. As family, work, and for many, hardships abound.

We have watched as many migrate to Our communities and cities, towns and villages, sometimes hoping to change what we 'Missouri' are. Many times, they fall apart and go on to other places or even back towards what they'd called home before. 

Whether as a fellow Missourian, you remember, the stage coaches, the covered wagons, the gravel highways and dirt packed roads that were of what we endured and overcame. 

We have watched as HATE has sought to flourish in our neighborhoods and communities, many times finding solace in Our Beliefs and Teachings. We have also found death coming into our communities, watched as our communities' children have died, and strangers simply lie and continue forward against what we ' Missourians ' have hopes that Our values and Ideals flourish and abound under the Sanctity of GOD. 

In other States, their populations are higher, many in the tens of millions, the policies set forward may seem to 'fit just right', yet as many from small towns and villages, communities and homesteads understand, it might just not fit right for MISSOURI. 

Over the past decades, since the onsets of the Conflicts in SouthEast Asia, as the number of different conflicts arose, some not originating thereof but staging grounds to push further and beyond. Many voting may not remember, WOODSTOCK, vinyl records, finding the newest in either a comic book or magazine. The World has changed, various events have influenced the hows and whats that were back then, it is still changing every minute, hour and day. 

Some may recall the massive epidemics that ravaged many countries in the later parts of the last millennium and into the new millennium. 

We have been Blessed with the advantages of such 'cultured civilization' that seem to prevail against many odds during the 1960's. 

We have watched Tornados rip apart several of our cities, Earthquakes destroy almost entire provinces across the world. we seen tidal waves, droughts, hurricanes and doubt.

Doubt that an end of these tragedies can be met, the debts arise, the hands multiply for requests in aid and assistance, all the while, the modernized environment from the 1960s-currently have themselves wrought such havoc upon our families, friends, and communities. Whether toxic waste (as Times Beach revealed), illegal dumpings, stockpiles of chemicals no one uses or wants to understand, from asbestos to lead, our communities are suffering yet still. Forgotten are the ones whom were forced to move on, accepting the hardships they were forced to endure at those times, as others migrate and integrate into our communities. We have listened and watched as some of our streams and rivers no longer are safe to fish, swim, drink, or even live near. Compelled to stockpile chemical 'mistakes' or other solutions, even to bury and contain. We may wonder what our children will have to look forward to, some may not. 

VOTE AUGUST 7th 2018

Vote for Bradley Krembs, REPUBLICAN PRIMARY 2018, Republican for Missouri, Republican  from Missouri, FOR MISSOURI, FOR MISSOURI STRONG, MISSOURI DETERMINED !

Primary August 7th 2018,  General Elections (MIDTERMS) November 6th 2018.   

While many attributable aspects of the July 23rd 2018 referenced vote call will reflect on the actual understandings of the format of a US Congressional Declaration, or the individual standings and regard, why some abstained or voted no, in either House of Congress, the actual numbers at the time and those adjusted or changed towards acknowledgement of such presentations. While some may themselves dismiss that the votes attributed may have been misconstrued, the formulations of the applicable and legal format remains such steadfast. Where one House may have applicably marginally (reached the actual required under protocols or surpassed to a varying degree) passed while the other only shortened by a complete agreement by only 2. 

When voting this year, some may ponder, if whom they vote for had voted no or not at all (abstained), under the further presented facts and in light of the various nature entailed, how would they conduct themselves into the next term. True in many reasonable understandings, 'how much could be true, or extremely hard to comprehend that actually is going on', is very understandable. Yet, isn't that why a specific format and formulation of a decisive 'Declaration' was implemented and also presented to voters for approvals in the early 1990's, albeit with many attributable stipulations on conducts and procedures 'REQUIRED'. 

Choking, hesitations, requests for additional information, or even additional time, yet, in certain scenarios, albeit this was not 'understood' as either a scenario or drill, time maintains quick and decisive responses. 

Although many other candidates have presented their military records, and retirement, the specifics of a combat versus enlisted duration should also remain a factor in comparisons. 

In other aspects, candidates' holding to one party guidelines then now professing to be part of a different, sometimes leaves some to wonder loyalty or otherwise, in truths. 

In addition, some may have prior 'history', whether mental health whereby formulated into a proper remedial facility or likeness, yet, or even history as a communist, liberal, unclear on history in assault (spousal battery), pending criminal review(s) for other conducts and associations may also play a key in the frameworks of 'what the voters get' after the vote(s)……..

Comments on the PREAMBLE aspects:

In understandings of those decisions, whether set forth further by Our beloved former US Vice President/US President Harry S Truman (MISSOURI), those whom representative from MISSOURI at that time, under various conditions and other terms, or expanding forth from those 'delicate' decisions by various members of Our Elected State Government and MISSOURI General Assembly, sometimes at risks to their own lives (based on various conditions), all the while understanding that not only 'must' they be true to the US Constitution but also that Right to be true to Our STATE Constitution as well, as afforded accordingly by the US Constitution. 

Many may ask, as on various occasions myself in truths, what does it indicate and require. Understanding that when, of best knowledge, Missouri became a member State of the UNION of American States and Colonies as they sought expansion and inclusions. Various terms were set forth, some became further evident in around 1906, then again about 1912, that left a lasting impression on many Missouri communities on specifics of entitlements afforded under the famous Missouri Compromise decisions. Yet, here, whether we are termed approaching a very decisive or within a set stage of decisions required similar to those on renewals. Are the benefits there, are the rights and entitlements there, are they complete or conditional. As the differences between a Free State and a Slave State comprised. With the Civil War in the mid 1880's, engulfing a growing Nation of peoples, vast and in accordances with the various members of Humanity, little seemed to change. Reconstruction loomed heavy, losses in life and history abounded and rang true for decades to follow. 

In this Vast central Plain, a community flourished and abounded, as if wholly Blessed, and communities sprung further forth from thus. 

And yet, Missouri seemed almost entirely independent, self reliant, self sustaining. Others grew jealous, some even hated Missouri, for its community norms and actions, mostly amongst themselves, MISSOURIANS. It sprung forth and took a greater hold in the Midwest, as wagon trains and settlers continued to journey here, sometimes as if following a Star or Glint in some prophecy, story, or tale. Finding and settling, sometimes hoping in their day and age, as to of felt what many had felt accordingly as the Star shone to show the way...… However, since there are different tales that many followed, as if from where they came, someone came to spread the news, and as centuries passed, some hoped and prayed they would find this way.... 

From our State Laws and ways, many find other places of more comfort, yet, many Missourians find or found, just a little over here or there, its seems to of felt 'better' or more likable, and remained a part of our community and communities. 

Stories abound, at least among some kinfolk, depending, of how during such horrible nights and uncertainty, both sides seemed sheltered beneath this glint of light of hope. Ever watching, almost recalled as a 'sense of Grace above' allowing a meager nights rest. Shining and as if ever present, here in Our Heartland.... (whether North or South, told differently, yet something remained precise.... 'sense of  Grace above'). Afterwards, when North or South didn't matter with the 'war over', many were further taking aback, when new settlers arrived, and mentioned, 'sense of Grace from Above'.

ON another footnote, perhaps scuttlebutt from like DC is perhaps simply, but voters may want to be extra aware should it be true, that possibly another similar 'attack' like earlier this year may start up or already begun on the various candidates running in hopes to attain some civil service public office under the rights extended by the Founding Fathers to each of its citizens. 

In another comment, although some may weigh heavier on what may have been said after the 'attack' and intentions specific, all facts and truths evident, from many 'quotes' across the various decades of people more than likely to know what it entails, "the Sleeping Giant has awoken', and more than likely, the people of this land have grown in courage and understandings, yet, you may not know any of like this, and chances are, it might take a miracle to 'cool its' jets' and perhaps that is something you can't believe in either.