July 23rd 2018

VA , Johnny Cochran Veterans Hospital

In random considerations, the following topics continue to of arisen:

Haphazards of civilian nurses (medical personnel) in war like conflict zones

recognition of other problems associated with service to Our Country in these formats.

acceptances of other problems, denial of benefits, denial of consideration that other events may have also transpired.

From to battery and rapes associated with civilian nurses in combat zones, the imperiled dangers many faced during different conflicts. Also, considerations, 'why are these like soldiers like looking me over, then, perchances, the ones whom found and retrieved several like me' and the 'combat' the endeared to safeguard a Nation in a war conflict and 'me' a civilian noncombatant.........

Various attitudes that still exist in Conflict - War / Battle classifications of America's foot soldiers, whether to some prejudice, others a different kind of prejudice (one where the battles fought were won, until injury and orders recalled from the warfront and battle lines thenof after lost by possibly those now in disdain (many of whom without a battle scratch to speak of).

Problems additionally that many servicemen and servicewomen encounter when tour or duties now many times past, from surgical analysises and tests, and another scope of problems whether biochemical or biological injuries sustained and possibly those scenarios encountered......