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'Orioant 110' , by Bradley Krembs

It felt like months since the expedition began. Arguments arose and twice confrontations occurred. It became intense, an assassination attempt transpired, luckily this time our like 'host' intervened. As the expedition began our 'hosts' appeared to favor our antagonist. Their growing hatred, either concealed from the beginning was very profound. Yet, as a civilian non-specific affiliated with the main body of the expedition, whose bulk began to realize why our like group was asked to join at the time. They attempted twice to 'get rid' of a colonel and general consigned. It grew more evident they could not 'fulfill', shortages grew and tempers flared. Our 'hosts' too grew very irritated, finally they themselves informed them, no longer. It surprised the colonel and general, both suddenly realizing many felt the like 'sponsors' lacked their sponsor parts.

   As the changes expanded, alternate re-supplies proved 'better enabled' and our hosts grew confident faster. Attentions were diverted as we approached a string of systems. Our hosts were not at all popular there, though we managed to send a very small expedition recon. As we approached one planet, many things became evident. Various prior contacts had already been made at other independent junctures. Our craft allowed enough protection from responses, as at lasts I found the places from prior contact(s). A short re-contact was made. After returning to the expedition task force, discussions were made, yet the introduction that its versions of cholera and Influenzae would mean disasters on both sides. Our expedition continued on the primary task force trajectory. The addition of what we simply called a 'sprinket virus' specific to our 'hosts' origins. Later, years, we would be able to identify roughly 30 such viruses. 23 of which may have specifics origins among those systems solely. While precautions could be conducted, time was a primary issue. 

Excitement changed, an opportunity arose again for what we would reference as a 'hyper drive' chance. The former chance suddenly proved it would have been a complete disaster as this chance developed. AN anomality occurred, our transports were suddenly scattered, at firsts we had no choice as many navigated to another planets' surface. Others could barely manage where they found themselves. Some were unaccounted for. It was a planetary scientific event that allowed our safe landings. Its' inhabitants, an alien species, remained distant as we regained composture. We managed to locate several of the 112 craft that comprised our expedition. Major repairs were needed to the primary transport craft. Only ten could dock with it. We eventually located a total of 97 of the initial craft. After about a month on the surface and standard transport, no one wanted to attempt the termed 'hyper drive' again. Everything appeared that the worse would happen. As we began again, many rested and morale very high, we would locate at first another twelve then finally the remaining three. Four would need to return with hopes that it together would reach the re-supply position.

After a conclusion of satisfaction, the remaining expeditionary forces returned to resupply positions. Various confrontations after leaving what I called 'Orioant 110' reduced our forces by nearly 300. When we reached resupply positions another 152 were regarded dead as well. We recovered equipment and the crafts the 'mutiny/desertion' pulled from the expedition. Most of the initial 4 survived. The dead were from injuries or like natural causes. We re-grouped and continued homeward bound. We navigated what we termed 'spiral drives', less dangerous then the hyper drive techniques. Shortly after a midway point, we visited our 'hosts' systems. Soon various parts of the expedition comprisals would be at war with them. We hurried home, another 312 would die as adjustments occurred. Either re-exposure to our environment or other natural causes. The war between the various returning parts would suddenly cost them in the 100,000's to no avails. A few years later, a diplomatic mission occurred. From a couple of much earlier contacts and diplomatic actions, much was discussed. Many overjoyed 'Orioant 110' would or could prove to be a 'much needed' relay point. It was far enough away from the understood 'battle lines' and may prove a primary position to enable our females to also transgress, safely or within safe margins. It was pointed out, due to specifics of the planetary science issue that made our landing successful, may not be possible zone 1200 years from then, although other issues arose that may extend it to 3000 or 3300 years. 

   Since, almost 4000 of the original expeditionary force would die. Most from combat assignments globally, some or about half in the war that arose. Another 2000 would progress to either infirmity or death by natural causes. Most could not remember the expedition at all, three weeks after returning. All the antagonists would have died by the time we returned, a majority at re-entry positions. Some contained various viruses, small epidemics would surface in their home countries, any reasoning attempts still proved failures. Before long near of tens of thousands would of suddenly perished. Only roughly 600 remained of its initial comprisals. Many isolated, though in a few years only a reported 50 remained alive. Some of these would die as well, mostly natural causes.

   The general reportedly died a few months after the return, associated combat related causes though 'virus free'. The colonel a few years or so back, natural causes and 'virus free'. Of the nearly 900 whom carried or the backbone of the expedition, all reportedly 'virus-free' of any strains or mutations associated with the expedition. Ironically another 700 with various other exposures were regarded as having some forms of mutations associated as having some forms of 'expedition' virus, most mutated and became in some cases 'healthier' though possibly 300 remain alive today.  Either global conflicts fatalities or other exposures that may have influenced their life expectancies. Though many aspects will probably never be proven, at least in the next ten years or so, others may contend that these events really happened. 

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rough artist rendition of 'initial scope of landscape and sites Zeta Colony Base' from observational vantage point and termed 'in depth duration exploration of surface and regions nearof colony 'fort' and base areas.

all rights reserved, artist rendition is artist's interpretations of the scope of the area and regions with the 'symbols' listed for identification and other topographical references.  


As with many things it appears, the exact nature of these referenced events may not be forthcoming. While during the campaign in 2018, Our candidate listed some references to a 1960's diplomatic event. While this is tentatively a separate event, some instances overlap. No understandings of any US government funding was attributed, and as the article reveals, the initial 'sponsor(s)' could not complete the preliminary format requirements. Other resources were utilized for this 'event' expedition. The author graciously extends his acknowledgements for those whose, 'duty, dedication, honor, integrity, courage, and humanity' endeavored to set forward necessary steps in this event and incidence. While some may contend various Nationality, and others decided to remain outside involvements, whether individual or governments, the gradual 'unity' amongst a simple majority of participants, whether incidental or and concise, addressing various concerns separate from their own individuality and customs, yet endured. The author hopes that eventually an expanded version would be enabled, foregoing the sentiments of various authority like figures whom rather not address any issue or speculations.  Though and like BOOM the Words and Power of JESUS is reaching new ears and hearts beyond. The sentiments of the GOSPELS reaching and hopefully still awaken in the AWESOME POWER OF OUR GOD. While again, many may further debate the aspects entailed. The only other respective is that of the numbers 'understood' only between 2000-2500 remains may of been or were remained towards recovery. Initial contacts prior did manage to indicate 'conversion' of roughly 3-3.9million with another separate total tally of 4 billion converted though to the canticle restraints of Christianity, and other equal or greater in tandem edicts evangelistical conversions.

Albeit, cordially amongst some and though other aspects, sincerest sentiments, thoughts, prayers, gracious acknowledgements to the following countries/Nationalities : Netherlands, Germany, Boswana, United Kingdom-Cumbria, Soviet Army, Saudia Arabia, Greenland, China, Belgium, Japan, Canada, France, Austria, Australia, Bavaria, Spain, Italy, and various elements of the US Military comprisals under a structured though amended conscriptional participations mandate-globally. Understanding that various other Global countries were included and certain guidelines and restrictions were 'actually' attributed, sincerest regards for simply preparedness and participational actions. Where applicable. Not like any sudden urge or expansions in any format, or other understandings from F....b....s  or even cell phone adjustments. In other remedied Judicial reviews and findings, 'no other': government, figure, authority, people or persons, organizations, associations, or groups attributed any format funding for the event finances and costs to the date and day of the initial and subsequential Court findings, attributed in thenof author authority origins solely..


While various aspects of tentative events detailed approximately above, an ascertainment follows towards the following comments:  Of such initial and the scope entailed, 22 US Servicemen were killed/died, 39 US Civilians were killed/died, 122 US Civilians suffered various 'critical injuries' and 72 eventually died as result of injuries incurred at the preliminary stage of events, an additional amount of US Civilian injuries were attributed. International 'civilian classed' injuries were also reported. In the scope of a follow-up inquiry investigation a tabulation of such following: US Citizens Killed/died results of various aspects 723, US Servicemen killed/died result of 'scope' of attributable to events : 1392 , US Citizens injured in scope of preliminary aspects 6790, International Citizens killed/ died results regarding preliminary 7234, International Citizens injured results of preliminary  13,456.  When the onsets of the firsts referenced 22 US Servicemen Killed/39 US Citizens Killed, Missouri Territories Militias rallied and based on various aspects kept the extent of intentions to the final reports listed above.

Is intelligent Life capable of a treaty

While some may contend that various episodes of treaties exist and flounder, in certain aspects the abound. While some may contend that a treaty is significant yet reliant on a proper course and conduct(s) [eg: US Senate] In other spheres and society(ies), an ambassador may implement the necessary framework (eg: Benjamin Franklin) yet remains reliant on those specific entailed and not simply near enough if or not capable to entreat towards a treaty format, such as military. In a vast exchange, sometimes items are learned and translated or simply seen and easily remembered. While other times, a difference in 'technology' and language may sometimes confound many over and over again and again. Sometimes, as is with cases where 'several or multiple' treaties transcribe, many things may become clouded or confused, compared and otherwise. (eg: 7 treaties and 9 treaties) distinct of respects, their people and civilization(s) and comparative thereby on structured society and civilian lifestyles may also allow a 'distinct' difference. Yet as sometimes vast distances entail lapses in communications, or other parties may feel not necessary or conducive, there still exists, that of which the specifics of the 'ambassador' specific to making treaties may entertain even when many decide to refrain, drop out, or dismiss and concentrate on other things outside of 'culture' and the differences such may entail including 'religion'.

Many items remained unclear, all rights reserved

This event was Nothing like the few events during the conflicts, these were different. (different aliens)  Still different the ones the like Martians chased and shot down. Global news services were much farther at this time. PANIC and HYSTERIA began to set in. Before long, everything was blacked out. Newspapers, radio, television, nothing was reported into the early morning hours. By evening time, other aspects became clearer.  Before long after, a general consensus, plausible deniability.  (many of the Female politicians, were beyond Panic and Hysteria, plausible deniability) The next encounter would cause even more stirs, as tempers flared over other global events.

framework syllabus agenda vs schematics formulations platform then, 2019, 2020-?

While many theories and opinions having arisen, many times a revisit of concerns many decades expressed, an expansion from the prior framework syllabus and or agenda in discussions may need to transgress towards the schematics formulations platform. Many may express a separate format, yet where of in truths, and formulated into a concise framework by not only repeated experiences, a time issue may further unfold. Regardless of various opinions, whereof a simple pathway format, as stated above in prior experiences that the set schematics from the syllabus/agenda format to prepare suchofas needful towards a set schematic formulations thereof having a universal priority.

Allowing for such set frameworks of other separate formulations towards the simple platform elsewhere and its many paths that may entail such of concerns. With the time issues nearing a short term awareness as possibly entailed in 'linear comparative analysis' 

frameworks. Where an expansion may further divulge  in further dismay as such many prior experiences presented globally and concerns that of which such schematics would therefore 'require'. 

Whether a Fort Bailey, Fort Perry, Base tilted Irkust event(s), and the analysis of the Seich-Sochia events entailed, and the of last referenced Tornado-Phantom III event as various experiences formulated specifics of such concerns such of the now expanded comparative of the 'linear theories 2018-2019' that early 2000's further presented as such of expansions of such experience in intentions globally.

While, some having separated towards a different framework from the Seich-Sochia event global tabulations, those thereof remaining should consider the next stage towards schematics formulations platform and forego further those suchofas in sentiments of another pathway. Time may allow a further review in short term fashion and example to allow further considerations, yet in a time issue incident format, the adjustments to the schematics formulations being the much better course(s) of considerations and conducts. While an understanding that of which these prior experiences having shown with the format of 'upgraded' in the linear theories application presentation and current formulations 'requirements'. All the while considering that thereof and thereby, other changes may have as well transpired from the baseline settings and understandings as progressions towards the schematics formulations would entail.