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James Auburn Hancock

Vaerla Vaerlond

{Metro MidAmerica Good Hearts & Queens Booster club, (affiliate clubs and booster programs: "CharityGames" game A1F43 (respectively), special acknowledgements to all participant programs and attendees/participants in referenced A1F43 formatted, on the resultant listing 'Near Historical Charity(ies) 'pot' and subsequent format observances.

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Tri-State Voters League & Founders Trail (title adjusted three years later to include ,  ', etal 'burlap, buckboard, founders families league)'

Historical registry

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Indivduals and families

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Individuals whom 'expressed further interests' among comments, (solely)

-> One Star US General Colin Powell

-> Rev. Al Sharpton

-> Rev. Jesse Jackson

-> US assigned General of the US Army 'Stormin Norman' S.


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Movie Stars, Recognized Artist(s)

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Artboard 35


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Famous comments

Although many times, various comments were 'spoken', such as 'Let's Re-Visit Korea thing', 'You haven't heard the last from me....', "Because, LOOK, I AM the President of the UNITED STATES, right here, right now, 'were you'......'

contributions returned:

Prince of Cambridge, (judicially found in international tribunals ' foreign national tourist', extension political title baret cordial classed in actual. UK-English court apology OFFICIALLY to the termed monarchism regarded itself Cambridge Regalcy council. (adjusted under international applicable laws as noble tourist of foreign origins/nationality)