Charity Fundraiser events

Of best knowledge, the amounts between $477,000-$505,000+/- raised at the series of charity events that had been tabulated and attributed accordingly, allowed among other 'emergency' charity classed items 112 children in invasive necessary emergency surgeries and follow-up, plus allowing about 100 (or more) children access to 'emergency invasive medical treatments', although we had been advised at the times, that an additional nearof $5 million had also been raised, since the aspects of the series of events 'charity-political classed', those monies needed to be returned for various legality issues that were presented officially. In addition, I hope to extend to everyone, including the various 'outposts', clubs, and community centers across the State that had participated at the time. Understanding that many have 'good intentions', and although the funds reported raised exceeded the estimated cap necessary at the time (without the need of the additional estimated $5million/cash-in kind contributions/antees), gracious 'thank-yous' to all whom decided to at least try towards assisting reaching the various necessary financial goals established under the specific terms prior to commencements. Although many were 'thanked' individually or through conveyances, some perhaps had not received such as the format of the 'charity games' were met and finalized, with the specific charities resultant at the time to receipts. I understand that some may have been further dismayed by the 'requirements' legally and with the charity games closing then allowing other events to transpire. And hope such information listed on benefits accomplishments 'when no other' solution was readily available or demonstrated for these specific cases. Thank you again.....

Vote Bradley Krembs US Senate Missouri 2018

footnote: Although completely separate, upon finding of such a dire NEED, various members of the charities (and some others not among) having officially and tentatively raised (in separate event(s)) an additional $1,120,000.00-1,180,000.00  including a subsequent $2,400,000.00 in ongoing support contributions for the charities at the time. A gracious acknowledgement and thank-you.

It eventually came to Our Candidate's (Bradley Krembs) attentions, that an additional 11,470,000.00-15,467,000.00 (International) in donations to similar charities based on 'feedback' and comments arising from the initial series of charity events, and nonspecific to the campaign charity event itself or of applicable restraints/restrictions, affirmed.

Also, please remember, the event charities were at a 'DIRE NEED" status when funds were delivered/transferred, meaning 'spent already', while other attributed amounts referenced as consequence or nonspecific but brought of attention with the type of charity event and series, the formulations in endowments are strictly regulated and guidelines were further implemented, especially large cash deposits. While some interested parties had knowingly sought otherwise from the collected amounts, and subsequentially sought the termed 'returned' $5million under further 'otherwise' sentiments. The type and series were adjusted in these classed 'charity events' to forego future problems.

After various conditions on the circumstances entailed at the time, and various judicial rulings on acceptance/rights and conditions of ownership entitlements attentuated, the nearly $5million was then at that time reapportioned to various State community Churches allowing the extension of charity to various residents/members of Missouri. [footnote: while various members of Missouri Clergy community estimated that about 105,000 Missourian Families benefited from the contribution in various forms, with an approximate 506,000 people actually benefiting by one collective estimate]

While in every realistic consideration, and knowing many times different campaigns attempt to 'challenge' same member or and other participants in the elections to similar type of offerings, it would only be even more realistic to understand where or why many contenders may not even approach the idea at least to the present equivalent within Our State Community.


Our Candidate would like to further stress, at the time, all fundraising charity event amounts were already (spent) dispersed. The availability of any other amount(s) through the community churches from the charity fundraising event(s) would be via other sources or courses of actions. PLEASE do not consider, as stated above [105,000+] already benefited from various aspects of the exchanges. Due to various events associated with persons feeling that the amount(s) were in one place or separate places and available is not the case, and any criminal (further or future) activities will/would follow proper courses including criminal prosecution where intended. Due to the events that were indicated and or further advised regarding, similar charity fundraising event(s) of such nature were 'politely' asked to be refrained from. While understanding that everyone pretty much enjoyed themselves across the State at the time of these types of charity fundraisers (collectively and not a single event) restrictions were imposed due to the nature of other conducts outside the intentions and participations. Thanks again. In various actions, an understanding of the various problems in the State came to light, and while to some 'the grace' entailed allowed other understandings for Our communities and Community of communities.