May 22nd 2019, concerns now arisen with the variance or rift changes about the regions of the Clark Bridge. Though sound, the other factors would indicate that persons of 'knowledges' that they are withof a classed 'poindexter 6' ground base should begin serious considerations of plate shifts impact. Where initial review and evaluations (standard) allowed that a 2-3 foot shift in the shale plate transpired as far north as the regions of west Alton/Alton. Other 'differences' may have already of been noticed. The understandings that the Clark Bridge having had a sequenced adjustment for 'shifts and changes' may not impede its' structural soundness as figures for the 'probable/possible' earthquake effect was included in 'newer bridge' constructions. The current status of the Musial Bridge remains of further concerns, though future at the time, again if of any regional understandings a possible shift in the termed poindexter 6 shale plate may have shifted 2-3 along the mudplains in initial observations and 'could' expand in other aspects, as additional weather conditions arise, flooding and rainfalls, timeframes may remain under 'good Grace' conditions. A Mud Plain shift along one prominent Shale Plate may have been indicated May 22nd 2019 and hazards of earthquake conditions may further arise along the poindexter 6 plate lines. Poindexter 5 and poindexter 4 shale plates remained the same at the current initial observations and where conditions allow, (eg: Army Corps of Engineers/MO-Il Dot) changes to possible routes may further arise. Some areas may have to divert 50 to 100 miles for normal travels and conducts. Initially.

MAY 17TH 2019, Concerns continue to rattled across the region, reports of 'massive - large cracks in 'steel' bridge supports along the westbound 'Jefferson barracks bridge' allow under remedial repairs (currently) and various shifts in permissions to travel via confounding many regional locals and long time Missourians. Hopefully good Grace still abounds on various preventative procedures in the region as hopes of otherwise or subsequential from Our reported discovery(ies) of the referenced 7.0 magnitude Earthquake as temperature reach climax 'discovery' levels and periodic rainfall subsided. Hopefully, across the 'epi-center/impacted areas' compliance with civil services continues as additional concerns arise.  thank-you. 

MASSIVE AFTERSHOCKS RATTLED residences over four hours from epicenter, the following (highway 55N of epicenters should be safe and sound for evacuations, modified expanse in transportation projects 1980-1990) estimates at time of postings based on various data and interloop of reports/conditions Popular Bridge Saint Louis initial reports restrictions, 'newer' bridge to become dual use two or one lane with offsets for tractor trailers not satellite re-routed. McKinley Bridge local/permitted tractor trailers at certain hours only. Initial reports indicated Lt. Governor Missouri calls up 306 National Guardsmen Capital reserve units to assist and mobilize towards disaster areas. Tennessee Governor orders mobilized 400 National Guardsmen City Guard reservists), Kentucky Governor mobilizes nearof 200 ancillary Reserve National Guardsmen, several requests for Federal Troops to assist. current initial report indicates Red Cross mobilized across State. Governor of Missouri holds conference and updates hearings with various State leaders/departments. US Senator Bernie Sanders reported (initially) headed for the MIDWEST. California initial reports sending 200 firefighters and other to assist where necessitated in search rescue. President Trump reportedly authorizes 1200 Federal Troops to assist with adjustments for updates. US Congress goes to sub-committee and committee hearings. Surrounding States reportedly sending additional emergency personnel to assist. Texas Skyscraper 'Speorion' (?) reported shuttering at times of aftershocks, drops safety nets and instructs cancelled appointments/re-schedulings and alternate routes foot traffic. CERTAIN detours onto service/bypass roads indicated in Saint Louis region. Governor indicates in initial reports all heavy farm equipment redirected under Bootheel protocols, Initial reports that pristine 4G region experienced massive chasms, Oardoer Pass reportedly closed, boulders blocking, Loangioun Path reported roads buckled in zigsaw places, and road closures implemented to prevent night time drivers/travelers. Colber Point reported almost unaccessible.  Parsons reportedly had/having heart attack, some speculate fatal. Various reports delayed, relay unreliable, as other actions further regarded 're-dacted reserve requirements' for other responsible parties. Some material termed , classified, classified/classified, and may be further delayed or omitted entirely. 2018 US Senator-Missouri, initial reports 'aircraft' crashed landed at regional airport near Applacians injuries and deaths reported, inbound and on ground. adjustments for forecasts () in projections (long range 1year), estimates range between 7-15 Billion in regional (N) damages 23-45 Billion in regional E/SE) damages unrecoverable damages may range between 12-15 Billion, repair costs/upgrades in controlled aftermath may also range towards 25-31 Billion, losses in commercial traffic (unchecked and or unresolved) could indicate 35-45 Billion in varying cost estimates.

Bridges no longer accessible:

injuries so far :   32+7+3+(25,769)

deaths attributed so far : 9+1+2+ (68,969)

qauths and quagmires reported along positions Mississippi River: (45)+(97)

townships reported/reporting fires and explosions: 1+(906)

access roads no longer accessible due to collapsed road bridges; (12)

access roads no longer accessible due to chasms with eroded roadways:


limited access bridges (weight): (22)

limited access bridges (vehicles): (145)

reports of forest ablaze and surrounding countryside: (3)

New River channels along Mississippi River: (8)

Dam breakage reported: (baseline crack Trebolt 3 locks) (6)

earthquake associated flooded towns/roadways: (127)

number of persons reported missing: 24+132

Indications that the aftershock listed 3pm was further southeast in effects, some indications smaller aftershocks traveled up northeasterly of Ridgely Tennessee into Illinois, some initial reports that the aftershock was felt nearof Nashville, with questions raised on dam works and levies. Two levies reportedly split in half sending waves of flood waters past and possible flash flood effects east/southeast. Two additional Aftershocks anticipated later today, of similar magnitude and may rise higher in depth to 3-7km. Some regarded tremors/shutters on Illinois side Popular Street bridges. McKinley Bridge may have been spared any other shakings so far. Three bridges near epi-center after shock reported shook, with a few plates dropping in places. three smaller splinter quakes traveled northerly along split line fault line 3.8 magnitude, 3.6 magnitude, and 3.46(3.5) magnitude causing injuries and damages. Grafton Ferry north of Saint Louis initial reports 'moorings snapped 16ft depth' Gil's Billboard collapsed causing deaths. 3 National Guardsmen reported initial killed.  Portions of Cierso district along waterfront, initial reports, basement infrastructure eroding, channel sewers lines pushing water upon broadway in places, some vehicles pushed into water with passengers, some buildings collapsing. Lieto's district further south near epi center reports similar actions, waterfront infrastructure eroding and washing out into Mississippi and some vehicles washed into river with passengers, rescue attempts gathering most there. Unconfirmed, vague reports portions of Popular Street bridge crumbling towards Mississippi, sounds of support beams crackling and bridge wavering at times. Initial reports, USGOV allocated 50billion in restructure repairs and upgraded infrastructure.  Indications further demonstrate that other variables are settling down in aftermaths. Some regional conservation sites may hope to become conscious of other factors as wildlife seeks safe zones from various reaches and designated wildlife parks. Last aftershock seems to of placed itself further towards eastern areas along the traditional grid lock lines and approaching aftershock maybe 5.6-6.5 depth anticipated 7km in late night time hours. Understanding the current standing policies and decisions, other aspects entailed allow that reductions may be necessary for other considerations as 'wear and tear' type policy attitudes may permeate  political decisions by local/state decision makers. All in all, THANK-YOU JESUS for the conditions that allowed so much beneath such heavenly wings so far. Certain proprietorship rights restrict other extensions of comments and forecasts as understood procedural authorities ensue to either remain distant or survey various onset sites for verification and counter argument claims. Recommend at least volunteers pull back to necessary established (Governor Carnahan & Missouri State Legislators) recommendations safety zones and US Federal preferred civilian status safe zones, US Presidents Ford and Carter, US President Reagan. only speculations may arise towards other aspects and in truths, as differing opinions and policies show how deep the differences between Missouri Territories and the State of the Union may entail. As agreements conscribed remain steadfast, only thoughts of those whom now endure MISSOURI STRONG along the evacuation routes as additional flooding and rains blanket the areas. Many if not most, understanding how many neighbors, MISSOURIANS languish they themselves, as opponents perhaps muster only 2 of 4 countries they had previously thought held sway as decisions further play out among the lives and liberties withof Missouri, and that which many also endure across the Nation of the UNITED STATES as they themselves contend with such an onslaught. So far, if understood, Missouri Territories suffered 'minor if any technically' Earthquake damages, though many applications of then current trends (as mentioned), though for Missouri Territories 79-90 Nations across the globe perhaps of understandings offer sentiments, prayers, and thoughts as they themselves gather and consider. International Charities may have pledged humanitarian aid up to a certain limit where permitted and not garnered for other USAID organization projects. Reports that many candidates hoping to run in 2020 having mentioned, who or whom they intend to vote for first, then any debate on aid type packages. Many Missourians probably mumble and whisper, 'just wait and see'.

Reports that Missouri Governor, possibly spokesperson, indicated 'recall' for National Guardsmen from epi center zone areas as various US Federal troops are re-deployed as well.

USGS official reportings may be with held, due to various points and terms pre-established with current conditions, and very limited under international guidelines where applicable. (rumor is that some still think they should not even bother) Various US COURT investigations were understood introduced and additional final findings, many included criminal charges. In other regards, many Missouri Territories Statesmen and State Statesmen having discussions further on various remedial projects introduced in the last legislational Congress/Government. (many who thought the 'sensors' contained silver recently finding out as well that the strands aren't precious metals and damages range towards 1000.00 each plus replacing attempts 'new sensors' where 'official and authorized' may be found, depending on methodology in monitoring(s)) Some of the necessary were about replaced at tandem spots, then the like 'chicks' doing it started seeing the snakes. Though smaller then the ones that went to meet and greet US Presidents Ford and Carter, they sure liked rolling around and trying to climb up on President Carter, til he realized 'not the kind in Georgia', there might be a picture of Ford holding the head (tightly) while Carter fussed about the tail, (looking for his like car keys).. {burlre cottonmouths}

The main quake and various aftershocks having ranged throughout the region, estimated and forecasted data listed above, subject to changes and adjustments. While initial results of impacted areas and regions remains minimal at this time, forecasts as other developments proceed further entailed a systematic analysis of in projections. Further indications in MAJOR shifts, and associated long term/short term scientific comparisons further allowed forecasts. Adjustments in application methodologies should be set to adjust for elevational 'CHANGES', two newer 'splits were understood as also occurring, and may further confound regional sciences applications', withof such the scope of changes whereof indicative internationally should remain a variable in other standard projections and anticipations of major fault line changes globally.  April 18th 2019

April 19th 2019.....  possible aftershock along the central railways corridor southern Missouri East. Highways that may become impacted include Missouri 67, 60, 55, 72/32, 25, Illinois 51/57 regional policing authorities may re-route all inbound traffic as 'zenith' approaches. Aftershock may only reach 4.6 magnitude, yet, it may rattle loose other aspects of initial EARTHQUAKE and subsequent aftershocks. Areas that may consider finding flashlights include areas south of the Hwy 64 -South, massive electrical power outages may be experienced in the same regions, if natural gas lines, please be extra cautious on lighting candles. Questionable Bridges impacted may be closed for or until adequate review and enabled sight of any structure damage an threat assessments. Tractor trailers may become re-routed around north along hwy 70 to other adjoining highways to complete route and others may simply be ordered to stay in place. Inner city gas lines may have their departmental emergency switches turned to shut off, find your blankets and in certain areas along like OLD fault lines and historic non-active fault lines, avoid basements and monitor whether man made 'canals' since last records are simply the same or deeper and fissures appearing. This aftershock could work loose many other aspects of damages already taking root. DO NOT get curious about 'hey how deep you think that thing is' some may be DEEP and too deep for rescue workers since in miles and still shifting/and or flooding, take extra caution. Standard EMERGENCY PROTOCOLS STATE/FEDERAL may become implemented and everyone is hoped to adhere and follow where and when necessary. 

Some rural routes may find heavy trees or boulders suddenly blocking, if possible await daytime/daylight and travel slow as conditions develop or and extend further...…..   AFTERSHOCK expected shortly and may 're-vibrate' like breaking ice.

ADJUSTMENT UPDATE APRIL 22ND 2019 :::  Our early review in estimates that the termed traditional  GRANIER RIDGE would become affected with a possible visible drop along a five mile stretch on the North shore portions, where signature review of transcending fissure breaks along the bedrock - granite tables, 9 initial with then 14 - and as many as 24 smaller fissures cracked towards the Pardary hills (respectively). If your livestock is unsettled, it may because their nervous and may need to be relocated to the pre-determined western folds closer to the Ozark ridges and not the Arkansas-Bull Shoals 'stirrups'. fissure cracks may become obvious at ground levels, and crevices may be deep enough to become trapped within and some may continue to turn and change heights. The initial surmissal/review estimates a higher north with lower ground dropping nearest the Granier ridge traditional. Fissures and aftershocks may have caused other cracks to thereby surface towards the southern Illinois regions, some may go 'under the Mississippi River and depending on other excavations in mining areas, some caverns and recreational tourist zones may need to offset openings to verify  flooding, cave-ins, cracks, critters from deeper trying to reach surfaces, indications also, according to Our understandings, that the termed 'millennium bedrock slate shifted and may have cracked as well, depending on underground sediments, some areas may have sudden slope changes and slides, depending on weather conditions, slides may have mud beds deep enough underneath to allow for further travel and buckling in roads, paths, and such similar access points. Some crevices may take on a gorge like appearance in size, depth, and distances, some may continue to shift in coming days. Others may absorb rainfall, and floodings, so sudden current in flood waters may also transpire. Persons traveling on or near enough should have ample protection including life vests and please let family / friends know 'whereabouts' you may venture in case rescue personnel need to respond or don't need to respond as conditions further develop. Some National protocols may have become listed on local and regional television stations with other procedures implemented. Saint Louis City is having reports of water main breaks and 'questionable' fires, these events may increase as differing 'stress' factors start to further unfold or finally appear. Older pipes including gas lines may crack or have seepage events that may be hazardous as well. Some propane users should review their manuals and safety risk advisements about valve shutoffs and pressure release timetables. Some of the Parks may FORBID boat traffic where shoals and caverns deep beneath lakes and ponds, some areas may restrict fishing to 'solid' ground with viable evacuation routes. If PARKS PUTS CHAINS denying boat ramp access DO NOT cut chains or remove, especially where survival rates indicate historically only 5% chance at rescue and that's if early enough response. Should caverns crack open or break into lakes and ponds, whirlpools and such like could transpire. You don't want to be inside an underground cavern filling with water and filling 'DOWN' not up. US FORESTRY charges may apply for violations. Some previous reports of SHARKS along the Tennessee-Arkansas waterways, swimmers, fishers, and boaters should be advised that many may have migrated North into rivers and streams as flood waters remain at various levels some spilling over into other areas and regions/ponds, lakes, spur rivers and streams. Some historical accounts of sharks being sighted in the Cuiver River and Illinois Rivers and canalways. See a fin BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS, some may be blacktails and tiger - carribe sand sharks and are known to pull from waist deep waters. (early 1970's there were a few sightings of sharks traveling up near the gateway arch areas and some minor reports of sharks spotted near the Illinois-Mississippi-Missouri River confluence)  

May 14th 2019: Now a new trend in temperatures are approaching. Many in the region whose sediments are traditionally bedrock, or bedrock/slate-shale and other compositions may have already noticed minor changes - very marginally small changes and or adjustments if even noticed. Though the transpiring of the events are very significant. Other areas may soon find newer discoveries and concerns suddenly arisen/arising, depending again on the temperament of weather conditions and effects from rain/flooding issues. Based on readily available data at the initial conversation/observation concerns executive panel discussions (understood) that previously the earliest types of significant changes having already transpired. Other secondary phase events as flood waters recede and rain expands to longer breaks with rainfalls. In many senses, a TRUE BLESSING so far, and hopefully a continued Blessing, if slowing many of the 'effects' so that readily repairs and safety awareness are readily expanded and addressed. A hopefully true scientific 'awareness' example that may allow expansion on various 'understandings', policies, implementations, safety practices and most importantly the 'timetable or scientific' comparative analysis data(s) that will encompass the significance of such an event. As in Pakistan, respectively, many times emergency responses were held higher than any sciences gathering of information, and the timeframe elapsed with only an understanding that 'brief' data was enabled to of been collected. The other significance, where it develops in "TRUTHS" as of transpired and set forth at or as presented in the format of this formatted timetable, that 'newer' earthquakes are transcending, true in older places, and that in of itself should also lend to the importance of such event(s) and problematic ascertainments in consciousness, and needs for an influx towards 'newer' additions in futuristic calculations and analysis/budgetary formats. thank-you again.

During the termed Junior United Nations Expo in the 1970's, many alternative theories arose and were introduced/debated. Where though in these 'truths' as events further divulge into 'now existences' of newer trends, compared with the various other newer trends forecasted then, eg: the 73 Earthquakes that would in then theories transcend into the expanded populational charts currently and further on, and 'those specific' safety issues necessary and vigorously sought in endorsements of and or at least acknowledgement that these events 'could' transpire, where one set or more further evolve from the 1970's theorems into the new millennium forecasts on influences in populated areas and necessary ascertainments, and alternate 'routes' for emergency access or and evacuation/migration where conditions demonstrate that there is a significant 'change' that would influence similar to the 'great migration' era (historically) then compared to these types of events now past the advent of the 21st century. 

Under various legal and understood 'official' mandates, the format of items listed in contents and contexts under such understandings in official format presentations. Various terms and conditions were attached, including a formatted Affirmations Referendum Ballot issue. Understandings in the US Executive Panel Affirmations, and US Supreme Court rulings, (eg: approximate O'Conner-Marshal edicts affirmations rulings), variances from the formatted procedural guidelines may limit and or restrict other aspects in established obligations, compliances, lawsuits (both civil and criminal), disbursements and fulfillments of such established procedural obligations under such understandings in accordance(s). Changes directed to the formatted, may subject such organizers to additional fees, filings, lawsuits and liability(ies), whether restrictive, compliance, obligationary, or such similar, including adjustments from formatted pre-established block programs where liabilities would reflect back towards any modification action(s) and organizers (whether solely, collectively, or and jointly where such prior ruling stipulations were mandated under US Executive/US Supreme Court actions. Some actions may be considered in pre-established US Federal Laws and rulings, and may allow for abridgement, infringement and or similar by such actions were evident/evidenced and independent of this format listing (non-obligationary) of such standings of prior presentations and discussions protected under various laws and copyright laws, intellectual proprietorship rights or and similar.