Atmospheric Explosions Nov. 10th 2018

There still remains uncertainty that an explosion or small set of explosions transpired this past Saturday, Nov. 10th. The possibilities of a classed CJ6 singular warhead (probably the one specified /missed/ inbound) from a previous onslaught of attacks directed towards the continental United States and other specific targets globally. It may have hit a research composite astrological station (hopefully not the Space station) whose composite suffered intense effects. The structure of the attack in its composition may need 'direct' response classed for the CJ6 type. Contact with any debris that may showered/shower along the eastern United States coastline should be AVOIDED, proper authorities should be notified. While some of its composite cargo may of fallen 'intact' the structural capacities may not endure atmospheric re-entry. The entire composite may have been observed a complete loss. Based on momentary review of the series of explosions. The foreign nation 'aspects' was previously mentioned towards certain safety failures, and only the coming days may further surmise the scope and impact further 'reluctances' in intellectual applications revealed further. 

November 14th 2018, possible report(s)

Al Qaeda Paynthra 9th claimed responsibilities for attack attempts City of Saint Charles, possibly 14 dead

Afghanistan Heltmen 6spotchex - dead

Legume Silex 6 - dead

Legume Silex 6 - dead

Fort Bliss campt 9 - dead

Camp Pendelton I-O6 - dead

Camp Pendelton IJ H9 - dead

Beirut HLPot 11 - dead

Beirut HLPiy 12 - dead