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Below are several other items that a collector or those simply interested may find of further interests. Items are copyrighted, all rights reserved, no duplication, reproductions, facsimile or otherwise permitted.

Pricings subject to change with or without notifications. 

Additional renditions of the Total Transition Solar Eclipse may become available for those younger and developing stages of visual transitions as well as those whom simply would like a rendition that allows all viewers the experience of viewing the event. Please check back when time permits for these classed items and notifications.

Commemorative (October 2018 observances) Brochure, Our Lady of the  Three Rivers and nine Paths

In 1980, during the celebration observances of the VISITATION of the HOLY BLESSED VIRGIN MOTHER MARY, among other events similar, several items were cast towards future observances and events. This brochure commemorates one of the items and events surrounding what transpired to it itself. Some upon seeing the small statue had commented that during the episode, an aura or brilliance about appeared and a figure 'waved' to them as it transpired. This item was the only one cast in concrete, the others were cast in either plaster of paris or pewter. Some survived, the pewter mostly needed to be recast into different items as different contortions on the item made it unfamiliar. 

The Brochure, copyrighted materials, details various items regarding its adventures and describes other events at the time. The Statue was stolen about midway between the processional observances for pilgrims honoring the Visitations and reported miracles that also transpired. Recovered in the early 2000's, the observance event was completed, placed per the instructions of the original Priests and Clergy members, the outcome inspired its mentions in a separate brochure. (October 2018 edition example), normal price is $316.36 plus shipping/handling/taxes. 

A delightful TREAT to those TRUE Believers, and the many whom opened their Hearts to the comforts and Grace of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Top caption in photo is the outer jacket, top and bottom are trimmed for the petition placement (separate charges for placement inclusions, putting anything on one of the petitions papers does not warrant or guarantee any promises or miracles, simply observance acceptance,)  lower caption in photo is the inside brief descriptive. copyrighted materials, all rights reserved.

additional footnote: Of the roughly 141-146 (Classified/termed) countries at the time (1980's) more than 129 sent emissaries and/or diplomats, from some even their figureheads/leader attended some of the events in observances celebrations. Of the items specific or made at that time for religious observances/programs, 34 countries purchased items from the primary collection. Oddly, with the nearof 5 million in expenses spent at that time, the items purchased raised almost 4.5million towards the expenses and from various collection plates/donations another 700 + thousand was raised. 

{footnote: November 7th 2018, the associated event(s) tour references were delegated suspended until after a short period anniversary of the completion of the current referenced WAR declaration and tentative WORLD WAR reaches its completion cycle, all rights reserved}

Those whom recall the pilgrimage of prayers thoughtful, "thusly all permitted, 'Blossoms towards knowledge', should of whom knownst understand the other and what else bespoken". If of understandings, perhaps Ibrahim III & IV, a separate text.

separate event observances: If interested in offering a 'petition' prayer on the advent of the 'so Holy Night Visitation' of the HOLY VIRGIN MOTHER MARY 2nd anniversary (this event visitation) a referenced $110.00 . While understanding that some may 'hope' to physically attend an otherwise termed 'private event' please contact [simply prayer offering, no mass or otherwise type service inclusive. A hopeful expansion of a renderings observance service or services structured along the 'presentations' may further develop as time and finances permit] Restrictions on petition content apply. {certain offered petitions may not be 'fully' presented due to content, request(s), and otherwise, please be careful how and what is offered towards petition prayer offering, no refunds. Personal checks and credits card payments not available at this time due to an incident in judicial reviews.

The Advent of the Second Anniversary of the December 2016 Visitation is approaching.

The December 2016 Visitation, re-appearances of the HOLY VIRGIN MOTHER MARY, is nearing its' 2nd anniversary. Check back soon for items to commemorate this event and the events surrounding the Visitations and of attempts in observances. In additions, other items from the 1980's recounts of the various Visitations and Promises extended then of the re-appearances 2012-2018, and the Promised Re-Appearance Visitation 2015.

Remember CHECK BACK SOON for new items, older items still available, including updates on tour listings previously listed on other website pages.

Astronomers and historical event collectors may marvel at this items' significances. September 2017 Total Transition Solar Eclipse event, onset, November 2018 copy edition.

While an astounded public gathered across the pathways of the 2017 Total Transition Solar Eclipse, based on the author's original observations in the early-mid 1970's of the advancing event and all the problems that an event would extract, this rendition is at the author's interpretations of the pivotal Climax transition event as the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico all collected their reflective lights on a pivotal point at the same moment. This rendition is a Photograph copy of the onset. (November 2018 copy edition). normal price is $7579.93 plus taxes/shipping/handling. Item is copyrighted, all rights reserved. 

Footnote: Since item is a photograph of the ACTUAL SUN, current rendition copies will have the various writings on the item to insist eye refocus of the viewer as prolonged viewing may provide visual discomfort. Persons with eye disorders should not consider these items, as well as persons undergoing any form of eye straining related medical procedures including Chemotherapy.

Another rendition copy of the September 2017 Total Transition Solar Eclipse event

This rendition captures the approaching moon as it begins collecting the various reflections as well from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico bodies of water as the pivotal climax nears many seconds later. current listing price for the November 2018 copy edition *** $10,121.73 plus taxes/shipping/handling charges. 

Again, persons with eye disorders should not consider these items, as well as persons undergoing any form of eye straining related medical procedures including Chemotherapy. Item includes the gray printing and other reference captions of the historic event.

{footnote: While several programmic designated rendition OFFICIAL copies were prepared for the termed and understood 'US Executive in Standings' formal presentation and series (required), the aspects of exchange during the March 2018 political fundraiser event in Saint Charles may have been deemed or interpreted as 'notwithstanding' and not transferred (more or less also due to the decisions of apportionated USGOV fundings for the initial 1980's US Executive/US CONGRESS to additional safety formatted protocols and restrictions).