Decisions, understood and respectively

While nearing the understandings of a 'final hour' approaching, decisions demonstrated in  standard context and established by Law. Where in agreements and standings, various other issues notwithof standings towards that of which entitled listed, eg: Preamble and Missouri's Preamble decisions and ratifications.

Across the Union of States that comprise the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, various issues  on Statehood and requirements now may also arise. To the West, an introductory format, pre-established though restrictive in conducts deemed 'allowable' were set into their stage formations. Under various 'ratification acts' other historical termed 'territories' are following necessary steps that of such understandings in entitlements. Whether there is a North California and a California, California Central or and North or Northern California, Territory North California, West Dakota, East Idaho, Southern Wyoming, City States of Colorado, or other aspects, as of understandings in 'rulings of the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT' these decisions thereby must be set forward in certain stages. Where some standard format of symbolic gestures or actual gestures, many persons thereby regarded 'holding' such elective offices may have to resign in accordances. In some regards, as previously listed as rulings, TREASON, forced from the stature and placement of such elective office per the Unity of Union Agreements 1876 (respectively).

Current ramifications

While various topics arise in the future and shortcomings of any decisions, altogether understanding that what works or worked for some, may not work for others. The problems growing across the Country only signify that a wide variety of interests are gaining strengths. Whether problems in the Oklahoma Territory, Oregon Territory, Northwest territory, Dakota territories, California States/City States/Northern California territory/southern Tip California territory/Mid central California Territories. Formats there may not be the same in MISSOURI TERRITORIES or as some slated even Kansas Territory. In some cases hostile foreign interests have sought to undermine those policies and formats. In others, sudden aspirations to an attempt at grabbing some power, where some hopes to grab 'absolute power' and further prior aims at and against that of which many have known as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA for nearly 200-250 years.  There have been many problems that have given arise to formulations that have beset the landscape, challenged many times that of which sought to at least 'keep it together'.  Yet in on many occasions various people having found that delays, other interests and future plans have constantly remained gainsayethed delayed in attentions and aspirations. The ideals that many have sought to maintain withof the SUPER POWER state status that by the People and For the People having entailed. When several discussions arose amongst the adaptive minds of many founding fathers of  the United States, various solutions and 'rebirth' of ideas allowed many times that a set framework was set forward, looking back upon prior accomplishments, and emboldened by these truths and ideals, they realized at what extent their accomplishments entailed thus far.