Preamble Battle of Continued INDEPENDENCE

09:42 pm pretender (US SUPREME COURT designated) preamble military forces launched an attack on Missouri Territories, Missouri Preamble sentries encountered a concerted hostile advance where gunfire was exchanged. Injuring twelve Missouri Preamble Militia members and injuring 56-59 pretender Preamble military members. Fighting ensued, MISSOURI TERRITORIES TRUE CONGRESS orders ALL MISSOURI TERRITORIAL MILITIAS TO TAKE TO ACTION STATIONS AND ENGAGE IN COUNTER MILITARY MEASURES. 

Missouri Territories international and global 'friends' cordoned an advance support military force contingent numbering roughly 800,000 whom sought to take additional 're-inforcement' positions under global observances requests as indications of an advance 'pretender' force attempting to secure and 'coup' MISSOURI PREAMBLE CONGRESS, called up an additional 1.8 million combat response force to assist and aid in military deterences.


A large force and Tactical militants (US SUPREME COURT DESIGNATED) attacked various State Government offices. 112 PREAMBLE MILITIAS injured, 32 Killed, Aggressive Force suffered 21 Fatalities, 135 injuries, 9 civilians reportedly killed in attack efforts on Missouri Governor's residence and County offices. Early reports confirmed earlier report of nearly 1765 militants comprising attacking forces. 27 'pretender' Preamble Congress members captured, 137 'pretender' Preamble staffers also captured by TRUE MISSOURI PREAMBLE CONGRESS conventual response forces. US GOVERNMENT issues 'STERN' warnings to attacking forces, ignored.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sends a tactical COMBAT force to battle attacking forces, 12 US Servicemen killed in initial confrontations, 27 injured with 29 other reported injuries. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ATTACKED.

2018 Missouri Primary Candidate Bradley Krembs issued UNITED STATES CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF VALOR for response acts (1993-2018 versions, graciously DECLINED, copyright entitlements acts), United Kingdom BRITISH STERLING CROSS, Chinese GRAND MEDAL South East Asia, FRENCH Juniper Star, among other recommendations and certifications. 

Missouri attacks continued  -----  SAINT CHARLES MISSOURI

Militants stormed Seat Courthouse

INTENSE hostage situation unfolds

6 dead, 9 injured,   militants : 3 dead, 11 injured, 22 captured

combined response forces compel another 23 to surrender

3 additional dead, 39 injured

{Scene of 6 after homicides, referenced HITS, civilian county-State government.

prior comparison 9 murders/Hits civil city-county government]

US COURT of APPEALS issues : Combatant State Status restrictions US Office(s) applicable

and accesses with. United States Court order regarding 'unrestricted accesses and considerations'

2 American/US Ambassadors injured

1st global task force arrives

US Battalion 6A arriving

US Military Battalion 9 deployed

comments District of Columbia :  " US PRESIDENT's FULL WRATH "


SAINT CHARLES MISSOURI hostage standoff incidence, 9 US Battalion 6A injured, one blinded by gunshot to face while evacuation attempt 4 or 5 of toddlers/infants caught under crossfires, standoff dwindling perhaps nearing end, caution one reporter attempting closer visual shot by militants and crew suffered various injuries. referenced cleared, standing by status. At large advisory.