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Whether events since early 2018 have unfolded further similar in prior reports of the 'battle or battles in Springfield Missouri', where the city had fallen to a hostile force, and the weeks of fighting to retake thereof after as well as during or beyond throughout the first nights. The deaths, horrid as they had been discovered, of not only many civilian Missourian local government families and members, or the acts in further hostilities whereof by small American children were 'thrown' from speeding vehicles upon the highways of such times. In brief 96 -109 pray tell were discovered, 46-47 survived in search efforts as one may have eventually died thereof such injuries sustained. The rampant MURDERS as horrid as they then of been that stretched across the termed battle fields as roughly accounted 8000-9000 Americans were also discovered 'horridly MURDERED' with an onset thenof account that 1800+ were horribly injured as well. My fellow Missourians, my fellow Americans, pray tell perchance 'WHY' of such an understanding that the only remedial course or course of actions was of pursuits for such a formatted DECLARATIONS OF WAR by the United States Congress(es). 

The numbers of foreign hostiles, in an array of militarized warlike intentions upon the United States of America, most importantly, it's people. That sought thenof to further 'retake' Springfield Missouri when lost back to the people of Missouri/United States of America, voices echo still throughout history. From US Presidents Truman - Johnson - Ford -Carter, the actuality of these events 'REMAINS' clear and present of such concerns...….. Though forthcoming days and nights may allow for such ironshod hoofs uponst such a gallant force of patriots and footsoldiers whom may set forth forward further towards such an aim to dissuade even further such any re-occurances of such intentions. Pray tell, good citizens and countrymen/countrywomen, in thoughts and prayers for such whom set forth upon such a trail, a trail designated in war declarations as a 'response' since such may now have restarted against Our Country, Our State, or Our States and countrymen and countrywomen...… alais, should such Heavenly Grace still glisten in every twilight, of standing and sentiments that such Grace accompany upon such a trail and hopes with prayers that such is not of too late of reachings. Of such then numbers amassed against, sound heart, sound body, determined and strengthened by such Grace of Our GOD above as those enabled rally to seek and of such meet upon future battlefields.....