various reports

as previously mentioned, normal conducts of aka 'information services MUST be through US Signal Corps and US Congressional 1978 mandated formats.

Although some regards may have the termed various reports indicative that either political, indecisions, and forwarded decisions, understanding that a scope of other intentions exist among many entailed.

so far:

an estimated 7.75-8.83 million Americans have died

508,000 US Troops KIA/MIA

1 million Chinese

8-9 US States currently engrossed in combat incidences some indicative of 'occupations'

12-14 termed others or altogether may be of affected

2 Territories termed, possibly occupied by 'pro coup/military' and foreign troops

exalto excommunication has also been reported floated into the  current  conditions

scheduled Peace talks in ICELAND have been scrapped, negoitiators reportedly instructed to 'flee'

attributable accounts estimate 22 million square miles of north America currently in 'hostile' war like conflicts

44 miles (down from 49) reportedly China held by US Troops and other organizers.

One report placed 503,000 US troops KIA and 22,300 MIA currently

another indicative repot placed 803,987 KIA and 302,000 MIA

prior reports and or instructions held of the Missouri Territories having steadfast of last reports with only minor incursions and 58 reported 'foreign deaths'.

footnote: all contents mentions are of the framework understandings and specific listing only permissions (no rights entitled in any transfer permitted or otherwise) under all attributable rights and entitlement accordance rights under the US Signal Corps, any alterations, adjustments and otherwise of context change or changes outside the parameters set is and may result in Federal and State criminal and civil suits and charges. With the termed 1994 ratifications act, certain US Counties may have attached enforcement 'entitlements' including arrest, arraignment, confinement and appropriate care. Certain aspects of contents deemed 'permitted by US Federal District Courts is not 'debatable' or unauthorized in any adjustments. Individuals, institutions and or otherwise may be liable for any necessary corrections or advisement adjustments including repair costs, information 'correction' charges and similar. Persons with a declared 'mental illness' or similar classifications are not readily excused from any pending criminal or and civil lawsuits attributable under the classifications of the United States Signal Corps and held in governances by the United States Marshal's services or and affiliate departments. (technically ' treason under various format guidelines, persons indicative of such actions are thereby required and or directed to such for clarity and further ascertainments, minors may have specified charges where death and such likeness or otherwise evident or non-evident including parental official questioning.

In preliminary reports the US President indicated a VETO measure of the 'new war' declaration(s). Follow-up reports also indicated a specific US EXECUTIVE ORDER issued to all US Military departments. 

After initial postings, a preliminary report indicated an estimated 8 million people took to the streets many protesting and chanting  OUR VOTE ONE VOICE. 

The guidelines of international doctrine dictated that the suspensions of the Lyetol global access closed.

As understood in early FCC ascertainments the Power Source 1 system was de-commissioned on schedule.

Persons whom enjoyed internet/cable and support services through the understood Power Source 1 and Power Boost systems may no longer have or receive cable/internet as previously disclosed under US Congressional modifications. Illegal access to the Lyetol global access system is considered an international crime and various countries have certain extradition rights.

The America ~ Saint Louis International will and still having its diplomatic structured mission centered per pre-1997 conditions and no necessary changes were indicated. Some upcoming aspects may only be conducted withof the Canadian facet offices in diplomatic Olympic missions, possibly including a secondary expansion of consulate-embassy services within the parameters thereof and restricted.

Some persons with the I-ABd3 classed internet/cable/phone services providers whom received internet services may no longer have accesses to such programs and formats. Please check with your host or host package providership unless already upgraded to the systems requirements.

Power Source 1 tangent I formats may result in criminal and civil charges and suits if accessed without the FCC requirements. 

Early reports of an intense standoff near Washington DC was indicated in early reports, Unilateral Response elements interceded and were reportedly 'currently' holding the zones and confines of the Nations capitol. 

Preliminary reports indicated that a standard issuance to 'all US designated active and reserve classed were pre-assigned required positions, persons such whom having not reported were indicated reaching missing/inactive service US status/and or awol with desertion inquiry requirements. Standard classed Missouri Militias in regards of Territories Missouri classifications were NOT required, Missouri National Guardsmen and Service Personnel were pre-designated to the standard placements fulfillments. Persons not at the required stations were listed missing/awol/deserted/non-compliant. 

Some active services families may have already of begun notification procedures, in some cases next of kin were attempted of understandings for blood compatible issues, if unavailable/no answer-no response, initial attempts were then designated to next on list, in some cases not necessarily same case-kin but other contact resources.

Some primary medical and information sites having changed with the onsets of conditions, 

[not my problem]

Finally the hidden amendment was located, and changes were implemented, yet the calamity and damages would leave a scar.

Some of the politicians were labeled 'hot headed' and restrictions were sought. Calls from many of their home States, impeachment, many would face civil and criminal suits in coming days. The damage was inflicted, the scars would take at least a decade to heal if at all. Some, just walked away from any table discussions, others speculated, 10 years, 25, or even thirty five years before the sense of acceptances would return.