With the termed restricted quarantine lifted, respectively completed.

I hope, as any citizen of the United States of America, as the 2018 candidate in considerations for the August 7th 2018 Primary elections, that across this Great Nation, from the Majestic Mountains, Amber Plains, Twilight and Gleaming Seas and Oceans, everyone's prayers and thoughts are UNITED with those whom seek to Muster, Stand Strong on the Battlefields or battlefields beyond. Whether, already enjoined in and upon the battlefield for some whom may have thought that there 'may be no answer', not from AMERICA or of at lasts. Beyond those Majestic Mountains, Gleaming seas and Oceans to many also in pasts confronted with these whom seem of such a zealot temperament in various acts  across the World, too, thoughts and prayers in of also understandings. May a Light from above yet still shine upon the children of the United States of AMERICA, in solemn thoughts and hopes as if the Calvary shouldst suddenly arrive, of hopes and cheers across many frontiers, pasts, present and the future some if not all still hold towards and dear at heart and hearths.